Chevrolet Cruze Recalled Due To Steering Defect

Chevrolet Cruze Recalled Due To Steering Defect

General Motors will recall 2,100 Chevrolet Cruze sedans after a steering wheel came loose from the car’s steering column recently. General Motors claims that no injuries resulted from the problem, and a bolt that was not properly installed was the culprit.

“We made a mistake, but we’re confident that we’ve got it fixed,” said GM spokesman Allen Adler. GM claims it has inspected 2,000 cars at the Ohio plant that produces the car. Dealers have isolated the potentially dangerous vehicles and will inspect them as well. While NHTSA would normally issue an official recall notice, the government shutdown that may occur due to a political dispute may prevent it from being released in a timely manner.

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  • Bob

    I heard it was only one Cruze that this happened to… very suspicious to me. These days people do strange things to get attention. I have many doubts that this is an issue.

  • Naef Basile

    It is extremely disturbing that the wheel detached on even one vehicle. Think about this: General Motors claims that the wrong wheel was installed on one single Cruze and that they have now prevented the possibility of this happening again by fixing the robot which attaches the steering wheels so that it can only install Cruze steering wheels. Nevertheless, there exists the question of how in the name of God did that other-model-of-car steering wheel go unnoticed during the final inspection process? What kind of people could fail to see the wrong part in such incredibly obvious location in the car? I am not the most detail-oriented person but this oversight is literally frightening in terms of the mental state of GM’s assembly workers.
    In addition, how many
    prospective buyers of Cruzes know that half of those 50,000 2011 Cruzes sold by Chevy were recalled because the bracket which holds the steering shaft in position was coming loose and in several cases, the steering shaft became DISCONNECTED from the rack-and-pinion mechanism; The result? No steering. I have seen a video of an already very loose bracket vibrating itself looser and looser during a drive in the
    2011. The video clearly depicts the shaking steering shaft becoming progressively more loose and more detached.
    I want GM to win. I want them to outsell all of the shit cars that China is producing for it’s new middle class. It is obvious that their designers went to great lengths to try to make the Cruze a structurally safe car. Then who are the boobs who could leave us in a position of fearing that we will be the one who experiences total steering loss? It is a sort of psychological Russian roulette. Very scary for me, because I was planning to buy one for my son.

  • M. White

    i have not used my chevy cruise after paying cash only five days ago. It severl defects that need fixing.  Can I exchange for a Malibu inateD

  • Alyciamanning

    I got my Chevrolet cruze 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. But yesterday I had to bring it back to the dealership because of electrical and fan and thermostat problems. I really hope this isn’t the beginning of many problems because I am so happy with my lil car! Fingers crossed!

  • Entrekinj

    These cars are junk, don’t buy one! I hate  mine! 13,000 mile and already been to the dealer 4 times and a new transmission already!