Coming Soon to a Tire Near You: Diamonds!

Coming Soon to a Tire Near You: Diamonds!

Impress your neighbors! Increase your resale value! Blind oncoming motorists! Diamonds for your tires: a perfect complement to your Cadillac’s $250,000 Asanti wheels—because let’s face it, there’s no other choice when it comes to decking out your car with enough diamonds to make Glen Campbell feel underappreciated.

Don’t page Weezy just yet, however: these tires aren’t for sale. They were created by Cooper Tires to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Cooper and their Formula 3 sponsorship. 60th anniversary, diamond anniversary, get it? The diamonds and Swarovski crystals cover the four “COOPER” logos, and were installed on a Formula 3 racer with lots of Super Glue.

Color us unimpressed, however. We’ll be paying attention when the entire tire is made from diamonds. That’s right, crush your own gravel as you drive! Makes a great engagement present! Click the jump for the full video and how it’s made.

[Source: Autoblog]

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