Dodge Challenger Catches Fire On Assembly Line

Dodge Challenger Catches Fire On Assembly Line

A Dodge Challenger was struck down far before its time at the Brampton, Ontario factory—bursting into flames right in the final stages on the assembly line.

The fire was caused by a heat lamp that had ignited some paperwork that was attached to the car. Nobody was injured and no other cars were counted as casualties, as the sprinkler system quickly put it out. “Things happen from time to time,” said Ardis Snow, CAW unit chairperson at the plant. “They need to determine if it was human error or product related.”

The photos leaked onto the Moparts forum where some believe that this was a rare 392 SRT model, noting the wheels and the hood scoop. “Fires happen all the time in the automotive industry,” said Snow. Clearly, the folks at Chrysler are adjusting well to the foibles of Italian ownership.


  • BillJango

    A piece of paper catches fire and the whole thing goes up in flames?

  • Jack


    You have never lit a car on fire before have you? The interior is flammable obviously enough, but the exterior paint will burn too.

  • Crafty Yojimbo

    I’m with BillJango. The thing is melted.

  • Charger

    I knew the 392 was going to be “HOT” seller

  • Brad

    That stupid fire put me out of work for two days.

  • Arthur

    This CAW chairperson has a point … they do indeed need to find out whether it’s human error or product related.

  • jagerme

    I just want to go to the plant to see my challenger go down the line. I work at the Chicago Ford assembly Plant, But would like to see how they do it in Mopar land. UAW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    The wheels are the only giveaway that it was an SRT. The scoops are on every model of Challenger, even the V6 ones. This isn’t 1970-1974.