Drive-Thru Funeral Home Lets You Pay Your Respects on the Go

Drive-Thru Funeral Home Lets You Pay Your Respects on the Go

You’re busy – you got plenty of things on the go. The last thing you have time for is to pay your respects when someone passes. But what is a busy mourner to do? You can ask to have the recently deceased displayed in an open casket in the drive-thru display window of Robert L. Adams Mortuary in Compton.

In business since 1974, Adams funeral parlor brings the dead to the drive-thru and convenience to the living. There are a few of these parlors running in the US, but this is the only one in Southern California. The drive-thru is located off of the main entrance, is 12 feet wide and features a long glass display window that you can see from the street. “It’s a unique feature that sets us aside from other funeral parlors,” said owner Scott Adams. “You can come by after work, you don’t need to deal with parking, you can sign the book outside and the family knows that you paid your respects.”

If you decide to get out of your car, you’ll be treated to a reception lounge that’s outfitted with low-hanging gold chandeliers and pink upholstered seats.

The idea for a drive-thru funeral parlor came about in the 1980s. Gang members didn’t want to attend graveside services because of cemetery shootouts. Adam’s drive-thru’s glass partition is bullet proof and this has made it a popular location for gang funerals.

What do you think? Do you think it’s awesomely convenient or terribly tacky? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: LA Times]

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  • Kaci

    That’s lazy and sad. But I guess not being from the city, I wouldn’t know about gangs and stuff.

  • josh

    honestly? is this legit? if you cant take the time to pay your respects then obviously you didnt really respect the deceased to begin with. how could ANYONE think this is respectful?

  • Melissa

    Evelyn Waugh is probably turning in his grave.

  • Kristin

    wow, thats just awful, and s disrespectful to the person who has passed
    i mean, come on…..

  • Martin

    In business since 1974 but the idea came out in the 1980’s? That is unbelievable.

  • Amy Tokic

    Hi Martin
    That particular parlor opened in 1974. It didn’t put in a drive thru until later when the idea caught on in the 80s. Hope that cleared things up!

  • Jordan

    Being an apprentice in the funeral buisiness, I thought this headline was a joke. That’s taking all of the respect out of death – I find it completely outrageous.

    I guess I can understand gangs and shootings, but..

    I don’t know. I don’t even know what to say about this.

  • Tzvia

    How disgusting! You can sign the guestbook from outside, without ever getting out of your car so the family will know you paid your respects! How does that sound respectful at all? This is disgusting, lazy, and typical of America. So shameful!

  • Robin

    Oh my God! What has it come to. Can’t even take a minute to get your fat ass out of the car anymore.

  • Jill

    “The last thing you have time for is paying your respects”? That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… the world is not moving THAT quickly… this is just wrong. Anyone who has ever been through someone dying, ever, would be willing to take the time. I would be ashamed if I knew the person who invented this.

  • Brent

    i think it’s a good idea. They are offering an option.
    Do they bag up food for those paying their respects as well?
    That could be an excellent side business.

  • Lisa

    Seriously? You’re worried about appealing to the gang population at the cost of respect for the dead? What kind of business ethics do they think they’re working on? Because it sounds like they don’t have any of which to speak.

  • Cheryl

    The very idea of having a loved one displayed in that glass case like a trussed turkey is hard to get my head around!
    I have not seen anything quite so disgusting, disrespectful and repulsive since the last election.
    This is truly disturbing! I sure would not want my body displayed like that!

  • alex

    for those of you how think this is for lazy people and that stuff, did you even read the f#cking article? its came about to help gang members how where afraid of being shot pay last respects to a dead comrade with out getting shot at. (its better then them not showing up at all) and for the people who think they shouldn’t be appealing to the gang population; get your pretentious head out your ass.

  • Allen Smith

    I wish we had that service here. I can’t take time off from my job to pay respects at a funeral for a sort of friend. The company would penalize me, they have no heart. I would like to go to the service but it is on a weekday at 1 pm. If I could drive by on my lunch hour fine but I would be in my work clothes, this would not be respectful to the living relatives of my friend. So by driving by in my car and signing the guest book, at least they know I was there.
    If it were for a relative then that is different. I would call in sick and attend properly but I may not get paid that day as the company wants me to have a doctors note to explain why I needed the day off. I also have a government collection agency after me to pay child support or they seize everything and send me to jail so I have to work at my low paying job.

  • Marie

    For gang members? sorry, no sympathy for them. If no one shows…ohh well, that’s the kind of life you wanted to live, so deal with it!!

  • Trish

    Alex, are you for real? If gang members have such respect, and feel the need to attend a funeral, but are afraid of being shot at, maybe they should stop and think!! If they had SOOOOOO much respect for life, they’d get their heads out of their asses and not be in gangs, shoot, and stab people. Get a life!!!

  • d sullivan

    Only in America!!!

  • Naomi

    Funerals are not for the departed, they are for living. The whole point is not to see the body, but to pay your respects and give condolences to the grieving family. This is a disgrace.

  • ruthie blackwell

    isnt’ it a bit late to have the bulletproof windows ?…..and is there a fast food joint on the other side so they can pick up food for the family ?

  • Cayden

    LOL isn’t everyone happy to see what our civilization has come to?

  • Willow

    If it can be thought of, it can be done.

  • mellarose

    how pathetic…..

  • jack1952

    What’s sad is that gangs in the United States have such free reign that such a business can thrive. The land of the free is now the land of the feared.

  • kealin

    this is fucking sick and horribly disrespectful

  • concerned.


  • TheGeneral

    the world has gone to complete shit, what do you expect?

  • ha

    Must be in the USA.
    My gut hurts.

  • James

    This is an awesome idea! I can’t believe they don’t have one in my hometown. When my grandad died, it took almost 4 hours of my day to attend his funeral. Thank god I had my PSP with me or I wouldn’t have survived through that boredom!

  • Cooki

    Alex, come one! If your a gangster, you have no respect for anyone or anything! Why take the time to honor and respect the dead? Or are they actually taking pictures to verify they “made a kill?” Really. This is tacky and disgraceful and I am appaulled there is no law that hinders this kind of action,for any reason.
    Marie…..You are right, I would have no sympathy for Gang members. They know what life they are getting into. And that life wont get you to heaven, so why even have a funeral!

  • Emm

    Cooki, you don’t KNOW that.
    Everyone deserves respect and you are now being rude.

    That said, this is kind of depressing. I wouldn’t want to be in a drive through. :S

  • Caitlin

    I am not even close to being in a gang, but I think people should research and learn about it, and why gangs came to be before they speak. It’s a result of extreme racism. I don’t think it’s disgusting that people have a drive through funeral, I think it’s sad the world and situations have come to that.
    It’s easy to say gang members are awful people when you are raised in an upper-middle class environment, with two parents. Maybe you should consider that people in gangs weren’t raised in homes of opportunities, so if you couldn’t get a job because of your race and your kids were starving, you wouldn’t deal, or steal?
    I think people need to stop judging and try some empathy, and not say whether or not someone will go to heaven because the last time I checked, that was God’s decision.

  • Caitlin H

    I don’t want to harsh on gang members or non-gang-members, but I feel that this is very
    disrespectful for an average family who is not worried about getting shot. It’s not that
    people don’t have time, they can MAKE time! Everyone has 24 hours in a day. It’s about
    prioritising your obligations.
    However, I personally want to be fair to those who are afraid for their lives. It might
    be their fault, but in the end, this would be allowing someone to see that loved one
    one last time that they would not usually get. If you look at the big picture and imagine
    yourself in that situation, you might just be glad you can say a quick goodbye in peace.

    I’m not advocating anything. Generally I disagree with this business and some of the
    motives /they/ are advocating, but I want to look at the big picture, even if anyone else
    thinks it is twisted. This is coming from an American who is not lazy and believes in
    paying respects, well, respectfully! I do not believe that the way they advertise this is
    as sensitive as it should be, but hey, all of our thoughts are just personal opinions. *sigh*

  • Mark

    Having been shot at during a funeral, I can see the bonus in having a protected drive-by. However… why don’t they just get security….and stand inside…behind the bulletproof glass?

  • CanadiaNat

    Ok..this is all pretty crazy.. and i think it’s funny how u can totally tell just from reading these comments, who’s from the states and who..isnt lol. You’re a complete idiot if you even try to justify drive thru funeral homes, tho you would be unsuccessful. You’re blind if you try to justify gangs. You’re nieve if you think this drive thru idea helps lower gang activity by removing the chances of getting shot..all it does is give gang-members peace of mind that they wont get shot…yet.
    You americans are absolutely out of control. I hate that my country is so close to yours because I dont want to get bombed for your stupidity…but dont worry..if it does happen i’ll be sure to hit up a drive-thru….and get myself a coffee.

  • Britt

    In my opinion, yes I’m from Canada and really don’t know a lot about gangs, however in the article it says that gang members don’t want to attend gravesite services as they are afraid of being shot, so why couldn’t they just attend the viewing? Viewings are usually inside, and in this case, if you go inside there are bulletproof windows… why is there a need for a drive thru? Gang members would be safe inside and still be respectful to the family. And Allen Smith, I completely understand what you are saying and it would be beneficial to someone in similar situations to you, however that being said I could not imagine being in a window or driving thru at someone elses, but where I’m from we have days such as Non-family member funeral leave and Bereavement leave for such times which allow you a paid day off to visit the funeral home. So from where I am sitting I do not agree with the drive thru, but there are circumstances that I could understand outside of an area where this leave in not in affect.

  • Hil

    This is just extremely tacky and extremely sad. Like common, you’re too lazy to go pay your respects to someone who just died? You obviously didn’t know this person enough to care. Get off your butt and go say your goodbyes if you did care. If not, don’t even bother. It’s showing more disrespect than respect.

  • mick

    Oh, America….. 🙁

  • Person

    Almost no one here actually read the article in its entirety. So no one read the part about it being common for gang funerals, due to shoot-outs.

  • Rebecca

    Yes this is tacky and rude, but the family has a choice to put them in the “drive-thru” area or not and this IS a good way for gang funerals. And obviously after they’re put in the ground there’s another funeral, they aren’t just going to sit there. Everyone has the right to pay their respects, what about those who want to pay respects but cannot go to the funeral because of feuds? Not just gang related either. There are definite pros and cons to this, but if it’s working as is right now, then hey a business is a business.

  • Jessica

    Is there a Taco Bell window right after the funeral window? Typical America.

  • Pure Truth

    But wadda’ya supposed to do when your business is DEATH?

    Get a grip, folks… Read the article and drop the stupid pros and cons about gangsters. It says “the IDEA came from the 1980’s, when… ” blah, blah.

    What it IS…is the most brilliant marketing gimmick I’ve seen in the funeral biz since they came up with video monitors for gravestones. (That one was SWEET!)

    Look at all the publicity and attention a little bullet-proof glass alcove generated. I bet families use it because it’s new and different and will add some pizzaz to what otherwise promises to be a really boring funeral for dear departed grandma. Man, we are such suckers for novelty. Believe me, grandma doesn’t care. She dead, man.

  • Curious

    Get a grip folks. Laugh. If you don’t like it, don’t do it to grandma.

  • Bill

    Can I get a fry and a large coke with my peek at the body?

  • 80zboy

    What’s really sad is that we live in a country where the poor live in such terrible areas that they need to gang together for safety and to have any hope of having any real money.

    Then the rest of us can look down our noses at them and the weird situation they find themselves in of loving their friends and families and wanting to attend their funerals but worrying for their own lives.

    It is very easy to cast stones…


    …..if this is where society is headed….

    it is the beginning of the end

  • CS

    I’m not quite sure why so many people feel the need to express negative emotions towards people who choose to do this with their relatives. The point about avoiding funeral shootouts is relevant- not only to the gang members who could get shot, but other relatives nearby. It’s sad that this has to occur, that violence occurs, etc… but also, people are CHOOSING to put their deceased relatives here. I’m not sure why it’s anyone else’s problem what they decide to do to best achieve peace.

  • saarah

    that is so freaking disrespectful it’s disgusting.

  • Cassie

    I think this is lazy and rude. If you really loved the person that died, you would respect them and their family and everyone else by actually taking the time to go in.

  • Char

    Stop hatin on the gangs!!! Not everyone in a gang is a freaking bad person, assholes! Haven’t any of you ever watched freedom writers, or Crash? Holy heavens! But, in my personal opinion, a drive-thru for a dead person is wrong. There are other ways, for sure. I mean, you don’t even HAVE to go to a funeral to pay your respects. you can pay them to the gravesite when everything is over and done with, or at the viewing. Or at the family member’s home, in person, to the family. sheessssssssh.

  • Hannabeth

    Okay this is insane and insulting. But with me I’d put a speaker far from the window, and put a tape recorder with a prerecorded message, and it would seem like the speaker at any restaurant. And everyone would be like What the frak? and it would hard to understand what it’s saying, the crackling and popping sound, the works. I know that sounds messed up, but at least with planning it would make doing something for the lulz my final thing.

  • Grandpa Simpson

    Why can’t I just Skype the dead guy ?
    With all the folks passing away these days I could pay my respect to four
    within a few minutes, now visiting 4 still takes half a day.

  • Alexis

    This is in Compton, lol. In which case I could see where this would come in handy, seeing as it’s one of the unsafest cities in North America, whether you’re in a gang or not. That doesn’t mean I condone this disrespectful behavior, I just see why it was established.

  • Brianna

    I can see why they would do this, I mean who needs another death AT a funeral! If its that common sure it should happen this way, just pay your respects for as long as you need and then leave. I think its perfectly fine, its just sad that the world has come to this.

  • Nikki

    “Gangs are wrong” “We shouldn’t cater to their needs” etc etc. Did no-one think of the brother/sister, parents, grandparents, etc etc of the deceased person who weren’t in a gang, but would like to pay their respects without the possiblity of being shot at?
    Or what about small children, who don’t really understand what is happening and are just going to mess around and get bored?
    I don’t really agree with it, but you have to think about the situation where it might be useful. Don’t just condone it straight out.
    (I am from England and therefore don’t really know much about gangs, except for what I’ve seen in films etc, which are probably exaggerated).

  • 706

    It’s up to the family (gang related, or not) to choose to put the deceased in this particular style of funeral home. No one makes them do it. If some of you think it’s disrespectful and disgusting, that’s totally fine. Put your own relatives and loved ones in a traditional funeral home when the time comes, and let others grieve the way that they choose to.

  • Kayley

    If you don’t like it don’t drive by it. I don’t go to toddler beauty pageants. I don’t bad mouth them though. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Are you really surprised? We pay money to see mummies behind glass but a fresher body put there by loved ones is disgusting? They turn bodies into diamonds now a days. After centuries of death burnings, hangings, suicides, genocide a peaceful body in the window is “disgusting.” Your just freaking lucky you don’t live in a place where death is a norm of everyday life open your eyes uptight people. Some people live in places where bodies are left on the street or the people next to them are dying because they don’t have food. Get your silver spoons out of your mouth an OPEN YOUR EYES.

  • Drew

    Clearly, none of you have ever been to Compton. As appalling as this would be any where else, it is incredibly culturally relevant and normal in it’s context. Context is king in situations like this, just because it’s normal to you won’t mean it is normal to the rest of the world, that being said I understand a lot of your replies from the “that’s just wrong” side of the table.

  • charlie

    that is absoutly ridculous i mean come on people are so rude. this is insane what the world has come to.

  • bob

    thats awesome

  • Jacob

    Jack1952 assuming you live in america (USA) your land has never been free. but then again is anyones these days? i say this because i live in canada and i know what free is and a melting pot is NOT free, its basically, yeah come on in but you have to melt in with everyone else. lose all of your ethnic background and tradition and be like everyone else. whereas with a cultural mosaic, there are places specifically for you no matter where you came from (china town, little italy etc.) so its like saying yeah come on in but you are actually allowed to be different. but i agree with what you are saying about the gang’s free reign, i just had to clear up the whole thing about american’s thinking they are “the land of the free”.

  • Shaelynn

    I think it’s sad that people are too “busy” to pay respects to the deceased. With the world we live in today people keep forgetting about the little things that matter, and try only to become successful themselves, while running over others in the process. I don’t get this. I don’t think it helps people mourn at all, the point of a traditional funeral is to share memories with others, let the family of the deceased know you’re there for them, and begin the healing process that is vital for some to ‘move on’ or continue life without the person that has passed on. I believe this is very sad and disrespectful

  • mellisa

    Do they serve burgers too?

  • Bong champ

    atleast gang shootings at funerals dropped. smart move.

  • A canadian

    I find this hilarious! A drive thru funeral home! That’s just as stupid like those shoes with real fish in them!
    I’m not in a gang, but when I’m dead, you can throw me in the dumpster for all I care, since I’m DEAD! I won’t know the difference, actually, I wouldn’t know anything at all, ever again. Since I’d be DEAD.

  • Eric

    Actually, I think the photo shows the legitimate reason for having this. My grandmother has been largely housebound for the past several years, and 30 minutes in the car is about all she can tolerate without severe, chronic pain. There is no trip inside, no scooter, no wheelchair.

    So a drive-through funeral is the only way she would get to pay her final respects to a friend or family member. Otherwise, she gets a printed bulletin in the mail, and that’s the last she sees of her lost friend/relative.

    Oh, America has become quite decadent and lazy, there is no doubt. But there are compassionate reasons behind many of the inventions we abuse.

  • Carol

    It is really sad and a sad commentary on our view of life when we can not take the time to stop long enough in our daily lives to say good bye to loved ones we have lost.

  • isantana

    That is awesomely metal.
    I would totaly order a bigmac and stuff at the same time.

  • nathan

    This is retarded shows no respect for whoever died and it is made for gangs? hahaha shows respect for the family? hahaha if you will not take the time out to go to a funeral for your dead homie you obviously did not respect him an if you dont have the gut to get out of your car because you will get shot then you are a coward

  • kyle

    As stated in the article, it is an option. i understand all the outrage about this but people are extrememly busy. obbviously if it was a family member or a close friend the mourner would get out of the car, but say a person you know in high school dies when youre 55. on that day you hae a huge appointment and simply do not have time to go in, the drie thru give the option for those busy on the go people to pay the respect that they can. i say its better than to do thru the drive thru than to not show up at all

  • d

    this is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Bernadette

    It is pretty tacky, but whatever it is the world we live in. the fast food nation! If people want this guy to handle there funeral arrangements that is there business. I mean hell he has been in the game since ’74!

  • David

    Would you really trust your dearly departed with these sickos anyways? I mean if they came up with such a despicable idea, what else are they doing behind the scenes?

  • Freya

    EW this is so sad. You can’t make time to get out of your car and pay respects to their family, but you have time to make an appearance by driving by? Very tacky,

  • Jaya

    Yeah, there should be a concessions stand right next. Or souvenirs. Or whatever. Yes, it is very tacky, so why not do it to maximum.

  • Vanessa

    I think it might be a good idea for the whole gang situation, as I have no personal experience on that, but other than that reason I think it is terrible.

  • John

    The death industry has been a vulgar hemorrhoid on humanity’s asshole for far too long. Pressing widows to buy expensive, polished boxes to provide a comfortable place for a corpse to decompose? Really? The funeral is an environmental disaster and it is a nonsensical financial burden on those who are expected to play this shameful dance with the death brokers. If you want to show your respect to someone; do it while the person is alive. A corpse cares not for your tears and carnations!

  • Sean

    The better thing would be to just not go. I mean drive through funeral just makes you like a total jackass. If you didn’t go people understand that you have might not have time.

    The only people that think this is a good idea are other jackasses.

  • ayazdan7

    hahaha they’re joking. they’re definitely joking they have to be.