ECOmove QBEAK Electric Car Delivers Green City Motoring With Style

ECOmove QBEAK Electric Car Delivers Green City Motoring With Style

With practically every automaker jockeying for a place in the emerging EV market, it’s still open territory for small innovators like ECOmove, a, Danish firm, to also stake their claim. The company is only a couple years old, but says it has experienced automotive innovators on staff who put together its modular all-battery powered chassis – along with the QBEAK shown – built on the proprietary design.

As shown in the video, it looks like the QBEAK’s designers had in mind that old expression, “It’s easier to catch early adopters with honey, than vinegar,” or however that saying goes. For what is intended to be utilitarian transportation, the QBEAK’S fun factor has been maxed out. It will be offered with a convertible or hard-top option, modernistic styling, a center-mounted steering wheel, electric sliding doors, and wild color schemes.

The 3-meter-long city car is actually able to be configured in a number of ways, with space for up to six seats or three seats plus 2.5 square meters of storage space.

“One of the core concepts of the QBEAK is to let the customer be the master of style and appearance,” ECOmove says, “The interior and exterior are completely customizable and if fashion changes, it is possible to change the entire style of the car, inside and out.”

As for the also-for sale underlying modular chassis, we can’t give exact specs, because that’s up to a manufacturer to decide, but the rolling platform is said to be able to travel 30-300 km (19-190 miles) depending on whether it goes with 1-6 battery modules.

The rolling QBEAK prototypes shown use recyclable, non-corrosive bodywork. In front, “crash box” technology gives assurance for the safety side of things.

Underneath, the chassis shows it is not just a splashy styling exercise.

The flexible electric car platform does away with heavy steel suspension, using composites instead. Wheel hub motors propel the car, and stainless steel brake rotors recapture braking energy for the battery pack.

Even though it’s a tiny car, the Danish company says interior space is decent because of the integrated motor and wheels.

More can be seen at the company’s Web site.

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  • Paul

    Motoring with “ugly” style. Call it a golf cart, maybe then it can be stylish.