Fast & Furious Six Hint Dropped During Fast Five Credits [Video]

Fast & Furious Six Hint Dropped During Fast Five Credits [Video]

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The latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise opens in theaters across America this weekend, but don’t think Fast Five is the last. It seems as though the movie’s creators have already made plans for a sixth movie โ€“ should this latest action-packed sequel be a box office hit.

The video clip above is from from closing credits of Fast Five and shows Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) being handed a file on some car jackings by none other than the love interest of Dominic Toretto, Letty (Michelle Rodriquez). Ghasp! What’s that you say? You thought Letty died in the last movie. So did we.

Skip ahead to just before the two minute mark to see for yourself.

So now the big question is…. what will they call this one?

  • Shawn

    Fast and Furious V6
    Fast Seis (Spanish for six of course)
    Six times as Fast and Furious
    So fast, Letty came back
    The Fast and the Furious, almost Tokyo

    As you can tell, I am not good at coming up with titles.

  • bon

    furiously fast

  • George

    The Furious 6
    Faster and Furious
    The Fast and The Furious: Letty’s Revenge (lame i know)

    i CAN’T BELIEVE, everyone is going to be in the sixth movie, Letty, Dom, Monica Fuentes, I hope everyone is this series can really take off and they are going to be in Europe, even better.

  • Joel

    Fastest and Furriousest
    Anyway, I just want them to be in EUROPE.
    and WTF happened to LETTY!!!!???.There was a funeral service for her in Fast and Furious 4. Dominic even saw it!

  • Joshua

    As much as I like sequels, I think this should actually call it quits. Fast Five was by far the best movie in the series. Watching it today, I’m quite satisfied. The action scenes were awesome. The Rock was awesome; his skill as a royal pain in the ass is really cool! Nothing more needs to be said. What does it say if Letty actually did survive? That Lazarus is a fake. He held a gun to her head in the fourth. He was still alive. People may survive from head injuries but not as much as you think. How they will explain her death to be fake is going to be one of a hell an interesting story. As far as Fast Six. The only way they will make that one a success if it’s better than Fast Five. If it isn’t, then this series is dead. No sense in trying for even more unless they know they left something out of this movie. The only thing they did was Letty (presumed dead) and Rome’s kryptonite Monica Fuentes (those 2 really had some trust issues going in the 2nd because she carried a badge – they were cool by the end though).

  • Nina

    @ George, I love the title “Faster and Furious” LOL
    OMG! I hated that they tried to kill Letty in F&F 4 she is a bad ass. Cannot wait for 6….I hope all the cast will be in it!

  • sal

    y wont the vid work

  • Morgan

    Watched the movie this weekend, and may I say, it was amazing!! It’s by far the best one yet!! Although I didn’t get to see the Clip after the credits, a friend in my class at school (which is where I am now) told me all about it…I am so Team Letty!!! (:
    Can’t wait to see her back!!((:

  • nik

    uh ohh, this is really heated now that Dom is with that blonde chick..cant wait to see Letty’s face! Fast 6 is going to be sick

  • Sherwyn

    That is if all the actors are back for Fast 6. From What I’ve heard is it’s going to be The Rock taking over from Fast 6 on. I’m not sure though. It’s definitely a huge surprise that Letty is back however considering they killed her off in the fourth one!

  • Caboose

    Amazing movie. and for all those wondering how they are bringing letty back, keep in mind that in the forth one we never saw her getting killed and we never saw her body. we only heard the gun shot and saw the casket. when they wrote FF4 they already had 5 and 6 planned out, it just needed to be written.

  • TheJydge

    The best part of this movie is,that the maine charecter is Torretos fathers car. Yes,the cop destroyed it,but I’d say it’ll be fine and flying in the 6th series. It’s nice to see some interesting features.
    But personaly I think,that this film was created to show people some true street racing life,now it’s cool too,but in the same time theres only crimes and fights and less driving unlike the First 2 Movies.
    Heard that they will change the plot for this franchese,wich means that it’s going to be a love or a detective story.
    More driving,less fighting in the next chapter please.

  • Stick_13

    Saw the movie and it was great!! i just dont see how letty is still alive?
    There was a funeral and everything. Fast 6 is going to be amazing….can’t wait. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • teamletty23

    I hope Letty and Dom get back together in the sixth film f**k Dom’s new girlfriend.

  • Russ_M

    F&F 6
    The Title naming is less important… I want Lucas Black, or that would be 7? Or better, make Black a “special” scene so he kinda fits in the whole mess, then (in 7) make Black another guy (kinda like Ocean’s 11, 12, 13). I heard that the writer is sign on for 2 more… 6 & 7…

  • cody

    F&F 6
    now that letty isnt dead i dont think her and Dom wont get back together because she was alive the whole time and never even tried to get ahold of toretto to let him no but u can never guess whats gonna happen next in these movies long as everbody is in it from fast five it should be good but they have alot of work to do to make it better than fast five.

  • Connie

    I’m soo happy Letty is alive, can’t wait to see Fast and Furious 6

  • Vince

    The 6th movie will probably take place where Letty is near by ish. How will the explain her death? WELL simple, cause the person who “killed” her said the last time he saw her, her “car was burning”. Vin Diesal was imagining out the scene where she died, that was not necessarily how she died. There was nothing in the 4th movie about actually seeing her body. WHY she didnt try (or tried and failed) to contact Dom is I HAVE NO IDEA. soo looking forward to the next movie

  • HAN


  • ryan

    brian and roman are to funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stephany Smith

    best movie alive.
    saw it last night & it kept me thinking towards the end of the credits when Longoria hands Dawayne the folder so “Letty” is alive Wow!

  • sarah.

    in fast and furious 4,he did shot letty in the head and she was in a comoa but the poilce faked her death cause they wanted to get dom and they put letty in the milatrey but no one knew till now and the rock isnt taking over fast 6 and aslo i bet theres gonna be a hell of a bitch fight bewteen that doms new chick and letty and i wounder how she gets of maybe they let her cause she might be up the knocked? or the rock lets her out so he can get dom?

  • ea

    What people forget about FF4 is that we only saw a “reconstruction” of Dom imaganing how Letty died, we never actually saw a scene what tells us it really happend the way we saw it in 4.. Also the scene with the phone call with Letty’s phone with the last dialed number. The last call from her was to Brian’s phone so i guess Brian is hidding something from Dom. Remember Phoenix saying to Dom: “Do you remember her face? Cause i don’t”, which maybe means that he only told Dom that he killed her to fuck with him but truelly he never even met or killed her..

    That’s how i see it but anyways, can’t wait for Fast 6 :)!

  • magdalena

    I think that Dom and Letty will get back together,because Vin said something about a sex scene.This is what Vin said on his facebook page (If Fast five has the best fight scene in film….
    Fast six will have the best sex scene)! Aka SEXY SIX

  • vgstoretto

    dn pezi to video gamo

  • steve

    I would like to see the rock go up against carter verone

  • Fuck You

    cant wait till 6 comes out!!

  • Paige

    I can’t wait to see fast 6 and to the fact that sorry but if you hate spoilers stop reading NOW Vin said in an interview that fast 6 has a reuion between Dom and Letty YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

  • North of 60

    How about Fast and Furious Six Pack.
    In the movie they just sit around a case of beer and catch up on old times with Letty.

  • mike

    title should be fast and furious sixth gear and a new year or something like that.

  • jessica

    theres been funerals bfore and the people have been alive so come on now dont make it that big of deal, lettys alive so what

  • Josh

    Can’t wait for fast and furious 6 and 7. So many questions, not enough answers. Fast 5 was Badass. Definitely seeing them in theaters. Later.

  • mariah

    What ppl dnt know is tht n fast 4 u never c letty actually die. U saw her die n a flashback of the bad guy, nd dom’s vision. U neva c her n the casket. Sometimes u have 2 look n the details of the movie…they always make movies 2 where there can b a second one nd if not u would b left satisfied.

  • Amber Dillon

    For Fast Six, I want Lucas Black, Devon Aoki (couldn’t get enough of her in 2F2F), Nathalie Kelley and Twink to join the ranks of the cast from Fast Five, in my opinion the Tokyo Drift cast needs more development and interaction with the rest of the series because it’s feeling a little too detached for me, I’m not sure how they’re gonna fit Han in cause he kinda died in Tokyo Drift but, they need to make it happen

  • Jan

    Tokyo drift is the last part of the series people! U dnt bring lucas black back if he havent even met han yet. Understand the movie, han always says things about tokyo, but haven’t gone there yet. Hence the f5 ending

  • karen johnson

    f5 awesome smethg tells me letty is alive but they did show her funeral could b possible smeo is inpersonating her??? cant wait for 6.

  • racerfreak

    @jan notice though Han was in berlin not in japan and the girl wasnt in tokyo drift so they kinda need to explain what happen to her, also i think the name of FF6 will be Furious Six

  • J

    Fast Six will redline the plot to create one high octane story. Jason Stathan makes good action movies. Going to be a hella good movie

  • maggie

    Fast and Furious movies are great. Keep them coming keep them coming

  • Liam J

    Think about it, it’s pretty good with what they done. In the fourth F&F Dom gets into a fight with Brian after he used Lettys phone and Brian says she came to him to clear her name, you don’t really know anything on the death because the guy used a gun in the flashbacks but then he says he watched her supposedly “burn” โ€ฆ How would she clear her name? I’d take a stab at faking death and taking up a new identity, then maybe she’s come back into the business because it was her life and she missed the adrenaline from it or something, if you use your mind, it’s pretty cool with that they have done!

    I think a good name would be The Fast and The Furious Old Business or something? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Elizabeth

    I am reading a lot of you saying, “I hope everyone comes back for the 6th movie” I agree as long that doesn’t include Lucas Balck and Bow Wow from Tokyo drift…ugh they would just throw away any small posiblity the 6ht and 7th installments (yes they are making a 7th aswell) to be decent and as interesting as fast five.

  • ebs and nuge

    i think in Fast and furious letty faked her death to pull dom back into the city because you dont c her die and they dont show her body in the casket i think dom will get together with letty and the rock with the blonde chick anyway hell of a series keep em comin
    a cool name: the furious six

  • TC

    I hope the next one will be great but it should be because fast five kick ass ..with the whole thing letty being back i cant wait, in the fast and furious 4 it lead you on to thinking letty died but if you look at it there was no body found and dom just picture what he thought happen..and then at the funeral the cops where there hoping dom would show up so maybe the funeral was a fake to get dom.

  • Jrspringmark

    if Letty comes back that will keep the series going.she played an awesome part of the every one thinks she died but all u have to do is watch closely and u will see the opening for her not being dead.ย