Ford Creates Internal Division To Revive Lincoln

Ford Creates Internal Division To Revive Lincoln

With its Lincoln luxury brand currently facing tumultuous times, parent company Ford has created a new internal division to help bring Lincoln back up to speed, after a period where the brand lacked resources needed to compete.

Ford has set aside a staff of 85 to help work on various aspects of the Lincoln brand, including marketing, product development and dealer outreach. Half of the personnel have come from Ford while the other half have come from competitor brands like Cadillac and Audi.

Lincoln is expected to hold its dealer meeting around April 18th, and while the brand is expected to show future products like the 2013 MKZ sedan, other questions, like Ford’s plan to axe a number of dealers, and force others to invest heavily in showroom upgrades, will likely surface. Ford has committed to launching several new products and has given Lincoln a budget of $100 million for advertising this year.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Vincent Fugini

    I have purchased around 15 new ford and mercury cars over the last 45 years. I own a 2011 tauras, since ford has discontinued the mercury line only alternative is the lincoln in the ford line. I consider the lincoln poorly designed for style, most conservative buyers of lincolns wouldnt consider the design. the grill doesnt fit the car and would look better on the ” BATMOBILE ” I SEE VERY FEW ON THE HIGHWAYS. thank you