Ford Outsells GM for the Second Time Since 1998

Ford Outsells GM for the Second Time Since 1998

Disregard the ads about the F-150 being the bestselling truck in 34 years: for only the second time in over a decade, Ford outsold crosstown rival GM overall, with 212, 295 vehicles, including some that aren’t pickups.

Ford last outsold GM in February of 2010, but only by 471 vehicles. This time, however, the margin was by 5,674 more vehicles. In 1998, GM fell to second thanks to a strike at supplier Delphi, which allowed Ford to beat them by 83,883 vehicles.

Many of those were fleet sales: a 29% increase there and a 50% increase in commercial sales. Crossovers saw the best increases by 30%, while cars like the Fusion increased 15%. The recently-released Fiesta reached 9,787 units sold, a 56% increase over the previous month. Ford is rather proud of these gains but would rather you not mention the 2% decrease in Lincoln sales, despite the manliness of spokesman John Slattery.

And maybe don’t disregard those F-150 ads just yet—despite crushing gas prices, most of Ford’s sales gains came from trucks, which increased by 21%. The more fuel-efficient V6 model made a bulk of these sales, in case you thought Americans had a propensity to act irrationally in the face of gas price fluctuations.

[Source: Automotive News]