Garage Revolution Mazda RX-7 to Contest World Time Attack Challenge [video]

Garage Revolution Mazda RX-7 to Contest World Time Attack Challenge [video]

Coming up on August 5th and 6th at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, Australia will be the World Time Attack Challenge presented by Yokohama. This year, they are working on gathering some of the world’s most prestigious time attack cars along with throwing on a drifting exhibition with some of the world’s best. The goal for every time attack car will be to reset the lap record set by the Cyber Evo and one of those cars gunning for the record will be Garage Revolution’s Mazda RX-7.

Garage Revolution’s RX-7 features a full carbon body, weighing in at a scant 2,200-lbs or so. Combine that with a 13B turbocharged rotary powerplant that pushes out approximately 600-hp and you clearly have a possible record-setting car. Recently the RX-7 ran a blistering 53.673 out at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, just a mere tenth off the 53.589 mark set by the HKS EVO by Nob Taniguchi.

The RX-7 is currently considered the fastest time attack RX-7 in Japan and will be proving it out to the world at WTAC 2011.

Check out the video of the RX-7 in action after the jump.

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