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 |  Apr 03 2011, 2:30 PM

A team of Georgia Tech students has put together a dual-battery, solar-powered Audi TT to compete later this year in the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

One of the car’s batteries is charged by solar panels, and energizes power brakes, windows and steering. The second battery puts out 120 volts which is directed to an electric motor giving the solar racer 70-miles range between charges.

The car does not presently use lithium ion batteries, as employed in most modern electric vehicles, but plans to add at least one li-ion battery pack are projected to increase range to 140 miles per charge.

The six-day World Solar Challenge is scheduled for Oct. 16-23 this year. It dates back to 1987, and challenges the world’s top engineering colleges to advance solar and electric vehicle technology.

[Source: Inhabitant]