GM Wont Speed Up Launch of Next Gen Full-size Pickups

GM Wont Speed Up Launch of Next Gen Full-size Pickups

Despite Ford’s aggressive marketing campaign for its new, more ‘fuel efficient’ engines in the 2011 F-series, along with currently high fuel prices, GM has said it has no plans to move up the launch of its updated full-size twins, the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

Speaking at a press conference, GM’s CEO Dan Akerson said “trucks would not be a program we move up in a mileage sensitive market.”

That said, the General does have plans to speed up the introduction of some passenger cars, notably the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, which is now planned for launch some four months ahead of the original schedule.

However, there are many who think GM would be wise to rethink its strategy on the next iterations of its 1/2 ton full-size pickups. The new trucks are said to not only employ new, more efficient six and eight-cylinder engines along with hybrid drivetrains, but are also rumored to boast significant weight savings over their current counterparts.

In fact, given that trucks are still a huge profit center for GM and that dealers are increasingly clamoring for new pickup offerings, on many levels, a speedier introduction of the new Silverado and Sierra makes sense.

Having said that, the General is still grappling with limited resources following its bankruptcy and re-structuring, which delayed many introductions, including the original introduction of the upcoming Silverado and Sierra.

Nevertheless, current market conditions could provide GM with the perfect opportunity to hit one out of the park in the pickup segment.