HKS Closes USA Operations After Nearly 30 Years of Business

HKS Closes USA Operations After Nearly 30 Years of Business

In a very surprising and unfortunate move, HKS USA sent out an email to several of their dedicated distributors stating that HKS USA will cease to exist by the end of August, 2011. Opened since 1982, HKS USA was one of the pioneers in America in distributing high quality, Japanese-made parts to our market. In addition, we were always blessed by seeing some of the most ultimate car builds from Japan over in America thanks to HKS USA’s operation.

While we’re all well aware that our industry is going through some tough times right now, it has become even tougher for many Japanese aftermarket parts manufacturers that have a stateside operation. Combining the struggling economy in America and Japan’s recent and tragic disasters, it really shouldn’t be a huge shock to many of us that these unfortunate events are occurring.

The letter simply states that HKS will be transferring its U.S. operations to Japan and will continue to export products to America but HKS USA as a whole will cease to exist. It will be interesting to see how this impacts HKS Japan and whether or not America’s market was strong for them to begin with.

Hit the source to check out a high-res image of the press release.


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