Honda Civic To Get Diesel By 2013

Honda Civic To Get Diesel By 2013

Honda will offer their Civic compact car with a new small diesel engine by 2013, but for now it looks like Europe and other markets will get it, with North America seemingly shut out.

With a new Civic set to debut in world markets in 2012, Honda is mulling various options, with world markets set to get the 150 horsepower i-DTEC engine. Europe will likely get a new generation of diesels, since offering one is a key to sales success on the continent. For now, it looks like Honda will stick with conventional gasoline powered variants, but never say never.

[Source: Indian Autos Blog]

  • Chad

    The USA hates on diesel too much. As a nation, we’d be getting so much more in the way of MPG and cost savings if we had moved more to diesel.

  • Steve

    Id buy a civic turbo diesel 2dr coupe 6sp duel clutch ASAP! Honda get it here NOW!