Honda to Resume Japan Production on April 11

Honda to Resume Japan Production on April 11

Honda Motor Company; which has been one of the hardest hit of all Japanese automakers in the wake of the massive earthquake in the home islands, has announced that Japanese production will resume on April 11.

This follows on from news that shipping of Honda components destined for factories outside of Japan was to resume on April 4; however in both cases, the company remains cautions. In the case of vehicle production; Honda said  that it will likely only reach 50 percent of pre-earthquake capacity, at least in the short term.

Vehicles built in Japan for the North American market include the Fit subcompact; Insight and CR-Z hybrids; the Civic Hybrid and some CR-V models, availability of which is likely to remain affected for the next several months.

[Source: EGM Cartech]


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