Hyundai Veloster Delayed Two Months Due To Labor Dispute

Hyundai Veloster Delayed Two Months Due To Labor Dispute

Hyundai‘s Veloster sports coupe will have its North American introduction delayed by two months due to a labor dispute involving a union at its South Korean factory.

A labor dispute involving changes to the shift structure at the Veloster’s plant in Ulsan caused a production slowdown, which saw the plant operate at 33 percent capacity. Labor disputes and strikes are extremely common in the South Korean auto industry, with one occuring every summer for a 20 year period from 1988-2008.

While North American launch plans are still on track for the second half of this year, Hyundai has been forced to go ahead with a limited roll-out in South Korea, with a target of 18,000 cars sold. The Veloster is a key product in both markets, with the car being both a push into the “premium” market at home, and a way to bring in young customers in the United States.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • bH

    Delayed two months from WHEN?

  • Pat

    Should be June or July. I called my local Hyundai dealer and they said 2 months. Not bad considering it’s a 2012.

  • Frances Ramirez

    Veloster….Love at first site. Must have. When will it be out?

    I’ve checked with several dealers and they don’t have release date.


  • debbie saldana

    i would like to know when the hyundai veloster is coming out. first i hear its 2 months behind since april now im hearing not till the fall. which is it its getting frustrating.

  • Cd

    I heard originally June 2011 and now September 2011.

  • Pat

    Well the article was written April 28. It is now the end of June. It is just about 2 months now.