K-PAX Performance Volvo C30 GT Tunign Kit Delivers 280-HP

K-PAX Performance Volvo C30 GT Tunign Kit Delivers 280-HP

K-PAX Racing is taking their knowledge and expertise gained from racing Volvos on the track to expand their business portfolio with K-PAX Performance Cars. After winning the Manufacturers’ and Drivers’ Championship in 2010, K-PAX Racing formed their sister company, K-PAX Performance Cars and have now debuted their first vehicle, the Volvo C30 GT.

The Volvo C30 GT is based on the C30 R-Design, but has been outfitted with a performance package developed by K-PAX Performance Cars to be distributed by Volvo retailers in North America. Much of what helped K-PAX Racing achieve their championship has been carried over to their street car. Upgraded suspension, brakes, exhaust and adjustable ECU software offers performance enhancements while new wheels and tires helps the Volvo C30 GT get a new grip with its 280-hp.

Only 500 C30 GTs will be available and each are numbered with a full 5 year/60,000 mile warranty. Pricing has yet to be released.

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  • Philip DiGiacomo

    K-Pax is the right idea but….When do we get a street legal Polestar C30????