Kowalski Edition Dodge Challenger Pays Homage to ‘Vanishing Point’ Flick

Kowalski Edition Dodge Challenger Pays Homage to ‘Vanishing Point’ Flick

Those who are scratching their heads on what a Kowalski Edition Dodge Challenger is were probably born way after 1971, or just never heard of the movie Vanishing Point. Released in 1971, the flick was all about Kowaski, a vehicle delivery driver, that had to go from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco, California in less than 15 hours. So with a bet on the line, Kowalski hops into a white 1970 Dodge Challenger and flies through the empty highways of the West Coast.

To pay homage to the great film, a dealership out in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania has created 10 Kowalski Edition Dodge Challengers. Starting with an Inaugural Edition SRT8 (in white of course), the dealership removes the stripe, adds some custom decals and 20-inch Alcoa SRT wheels. On the inside, the seats feature a dark shade and a wood grain Hurst pistol grip shifter, attempting to look as similar as possible to the movie’s 1970 version. And of course, a numbered plaque designates which Kowalski Edition Challenger it is.

No pricing was announced, but apparently all 10 vehicles are already spoken for.

GALLERY: Kowalski Edition Dodge Challenger

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  • Vojt Barys

    Dodge really needs to make more special edition Challengers. Great article though, this car will be a collectors item one day.

  • Mike Koskie

    A movie “Vanishing Point” should be produced featuring the famous white Dodge Challenger. Two TV shows, now…. how about a movie?

  • Mike Koskie

    One of the best car chase movies ever. Vanishing Point.