Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Epic Video

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Epic Video

Maybe ‘epic’ is too strong a word. Or maybe its just overused these days. Either way, this three-minute glam spot for Lambo‘s newest supercar is worth a watch.

There’s plenty of beauty shots of the Aventador, lots of action and even more CGI.

If only every Avantador came equipped with an abandoned highway…

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  • Ray

    Awesome video!

    It’s like something out of a James Bond movie. Crazyness!
    I would love to see the behind the scene’s footage of how all this was put together.

    Lamborghini sure knows how to promote it’s vehicles.

  • Chad


  • Uncle B

    Hubbard’s curves!Gasoline prices at the pumps ever-rising, even in America! Motor-cars devolving from basic transportation providers to luxury toys! What a way to go! not for your average slob, out to get his to-do list done! nice dream, for the rest of us we face a rusty oil-leaking, planned obsolescence riddled, gasoline guzzling, smoking rattling heap, and all the payments left, even after the new smell is gone, the initial shine is dulled, and the seats soiled and worn!
    I prefer the dream! Keep them coming! Never tell the prices, that would break my heart! Never admit the short lives of such powerful high-revers, I would cry! Never give the true life expectancy of hte fine bodies, that would be so tragic. Maintain the mythologies, j keep the baloney machines in high gear, keep the propagandists smoke screens thick and sweet. I am American! I need the dream, even more now through these hard times than ever before!

  • Hitchens306

    The second video shown here were they are driving past all the different well know parts of Rome was shot withing this last year and me and my buds whome i travelled to Europe with actually saw these two cars in person and got pictures taken with them

  • BillyBBottom

    Definitely the white. I like the orange colour, but on this car the white shows off the car’s shape better. And the orange is a tad too close to Ferrari red!

  • cee3peeO

    Hot damn! Those are amazing lines. Very cutting edge. These eyetalians keep putting out the most amazing dezigns. There’s no such thing as perfect, IMHO, so the only beef i’ve got is the tailights. They don’t jive with the rest of the car, and i’m sure i would find other probs if i actually saw it in the flesh, but overall, Aventador gets the heart PUMPING!!