Lexus LF-Gh Concept Revealed Ahead of NY Auto Show Debut

Lexus LF-Gh Concept Revealed Ahead of NY Auto Show Debut

Ahead of its official debut at the New York Auto Show next week, Lexus has unwrapped the LF-Gh concept, which forms the basis of the next-generation GS luxury sedan and explores the brand’s future design direction.

In many ways aping the design of the Audi lineup, this concept car gains plenty of hard angles (a la Mercedes-Benz) to help set it apart. Departing from the first time from the Giugiaro-designed first-gen GS, Lexus says its designers started with a clean slate.

The result is the new LF-Gh concept, dominated by a ‘spindle-shaped grill’ that sets the car apart from a design perspective, while also playing a key role in the car’s aerodynamic shape. In fact, Lexus says the entire design is a merging of form and function.

Other notable design cues that hint at the car’s performance include a raised hood, flared fenders and a short front overhang. And to brand the new design are new L-shaped LED daytime running lights.

“Customers have been waiting for a bold concept like this from Lexus,” said Mark Templin, Lexus Division group vice president and general manager. “We look forward to their feedback and integrating some of these exciting design features into future Lexus vehicles.”

Powering the car is a yet unspecified hybrid drivetrain. As for its overall size, it gains roughly 2-inches in length, 1.5-inches in width and about a half an inch in height while retaining the previous car’s 112.2 wheelbase.

Set to be unveiled on the eve of the New York Auto Show, look for more info and photos here.

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