Mercedes A-Class Concept to Spawn 350-hp AMG Hot Hatch

Mercedes A-Class Concept to Spawn 350-hp AMG Hot Hatch

So far we haven’t been able to get it on these shores, but up until now, perhaps we’ve not been missing a great deal. Mercedes smallest model, the A-Class, has been little more than boxy and utterly sensible personal transportation.

But that’s set to change. Mercedes has just revealed the so-called Concept A, which is being viewed by many as the next step in the brand’s expansion in China. From looking at the Concept A, it’s clear that the next generation of Mercedes small car is likely to be very different, more in keeping with the marque’s sporting DNA and something far more likely to entice a younger generation of buyers.

Better yet, there are rumors that the folks at AMG will be developing an uber performance version, said to crank out as much as 350 horsepower. There’s also evidence to suggest it might be available with all-wheel drive.

No further information is available at present, but should this new A-Class AMG materialize, it could represent one of the most exciting small cars to hit the market in decades. And if, it does, it will also likely be sold on our shores too.

[Source: BBC Top Gear]