Mercedes Planning Four Compact Cars Under $30,000 for North America

Mercedes Planning Four Compact Cars Under $30,000 for North America

As previously announced, Mercedes-Benz will bring a production version of the A-Class Concept to market in North America in the near future, but it won’t be alone. Joining the premium hatchback will be three more models, all of which will be priced at or below the $30,000 mark. Currently the cheapest model offered in the Mercedes lineup is the C300 Sport Sedan at $33,900.

Specific details aren’t yet available, but the three additional models are believed to be the CLC sedan, the GLC crossover and a small van or MPV that will be offered with an electric powertrain.

Mercedes-Benz USA had originally decided not to bring the A-Class to America but when product planners saw the new concept they did an about-face. Their decision was confirmed last week at the New York Auto Show by the reaction of media and show-goers to the A-Class concept.

In an interview with Automotive News, MBUSA boss Ernst Lieb emphasized how important it is for Mercedes to dominate in the premium small car segment, even commenting that he believes luxury buyers will switch to small cars in the future.

GALLERY: Mercedes A-Class Concept

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See after the jump for video of the A-Class Concept from the New york Auto Show:

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[Source: Automotive News via Cnet]

  • jerry arnold

    i personally believe the benz is the best car going…with car companies getting bailouts and hiding serious defects…ask yourself when’s the last recall benz had? i’d buy a benz right now if i could…