Mercedes S350 BlueTEC Gets Stop/Start Feature

Mercedes S350 BlueTEC Gets Stop/Start Feature

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it is combining the 3.0-liter BlueTEC diesel V-6 in the Euro market S-class with an ECO stop/start function, in an effort to further reduce fuel consumption on the big sedan.

Fitted with this new feature, gas mileage is said to be around  37.9 miles per gallon (6.2 liters per 100 km) combined city/highway. Another result of this has been a further reduction in emissions output, enabling the diesel engine, already fitted with Mercedes’ AdBlue urea injection system, to easily clear the tough new Euro 6 smog requirements designed to take effect in 2014.

The ECO Stop/Start system automatically shuts of the engine when the car comes to halt and then immediately re-starts once the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal; however, unlike the old days, when such antics were usually the result of a badly tuned engine that stalled out, all the S350’s other functions, such as HVAC and entertainment features continue to operate while the engine is shut off.

Even with the new ECO system; Mercedes says that retail price on the S350 BlueTEC will remain unchanged; the car stickering at 76,517 Euros (approximately $110,460 US), which includes the dreaded 19 percent Value Added Tax.

  • Daniel Bratton

    Will these hit the US?

  • Richard Diaz

    when the s class diesel 2012 will get to usa