New Automobile Program Launched At Stanford University

New Automobile Program Launched At Stanford University

It’s not often that you hear about established higher institutions offering studies related to the automobile, but Stanford University is doing just that by launching an automotive program entitled “Revs.”

The program is said to be a multi-disciplinary one, combining the university’s high tech Silicon Valley reputation with a cultural analysis of the car in television, film and literature, as well as discussing various aspects of automobiles during classes and in research.

Directed by Clifford Nass; Stanford’s professor of communication; the program began on April 7 with a special symposium dubbed “Celebrating the Automobile,” a day long event that focused on a specific vehicle, in this case a legendary Bentley 4 1/4-litre, once owned by wealthy British textile heir and amateur racer; Edward Ramsden-Hall.

The symposium included a gathering of noted academics, engineers, car collectors, archaeologists, vehicle designers and racing drivers who examined and discussed the car based on their various fields of expertise.

“Our primary goal for the Revs Program at Stanford is to create a vital and much-deserved intellectual community around the car as technological and aesthetic artifact and cultural symbol,” said Professor Nass.

[Source: New York Times]