New Jersey State Trooper Shows How to Remove a Left Lane Hog [Video]

New Jersey State Trooper Shows How to Remove a Left Lane Hog [Video]

The Garden State might not get a lot of good press, but here’s a piece that might just put a smile on your face. Or, if you’re a fan of cruising in the left lane at the speed limit pretending to be the police – we’re sure it will infuriate you.

The clip, taken by a driver on a New Jersey freeway shows one of the state’s finest riding the bumper of a slow-moving Honda Civic, the driver of which isn’t remotely interested in giving up the left lane. At first you might think the state trooper is being rude, if not downright dangerous, but keep watching to see what happens next.

See the video after the jump:

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  • littlefreak

    This should land that police officer without a job. I move out of the way of cop cars on the high way I understand they can and sometimes need to go faster then the speed limit, but sometimes its impossible to get over out of their way and NJ cops ride your ass which is just dangerious.

  • Mike

    That cop should get a medal.

    If you have a problem with this, then you may be one of those mindless drivers that just SIT in the left lane. (the fast lane for you noobs)

  • notafanoflittlefreak

    Littlefreak. STFU.

  • John

    Its called KEEP RIGHT PASS LEFT, more drivers need to be ticketed for this. I cant stand these type of drivers, he should of ticketed that guy.

  • Paul

    Thats awesome. That person prob shat themselves. I was kinda hoping for the PIT manuever but I guess this will do lol.

  • maria

    Love it!!!!! Thank you NJSP!!!! and if you don’t know what the left lane is for then you need not to be there!!!!!

  • Joe

    That is fantastic! I wish all the cops did that! Its those types of A holes that back up traffic for miles on end! And littlefreak, you are truly a dumba**

  • RC

    BRAVO!!!! littlefreak should just STFU……I spend a lot of time on the road and there are people that just have no f*ing clue about anything going on around them……PAY ATTENTION, AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE LEFT LANE!!!

  • Littlefreakisafreak

    Littlefreak, obviously you are one one those people that goes for a Sunday drive in the left lane at 5pm on a Friday. Dumbass deserved to get pulled over. That would have been fantastic. There isn’t much that annoys me on the highway but I can’t stand a left lane di#*! This is probably the only thing that would cause roadrage in me.

  • Moose

    Hopefully the trooper mails that idiot a ticket! He might have had another call to continue to, otherwise I’m sure he would have finished that stop with a nice coupon to put on the fridge at home!

  • Bwahahahah!

  • Movealongs message inconsiderate drivers who hog the left lane.

  • Movealongs message inconsiderate drivers who hog the left lane.