New York Still Trying To Foster Hybrid Taxi Fleet

New York Still Trying To Foster Hybrid Taxi Fleet

After a Federal Appeals court stuck down New York City’s plans to create a hybrid taxi fleet, it appears the impetus to get it done has not yet failed.

The New York State Congress is now mulling the Green Taxis Act, a bill which would permit individual municipalities to set their own taxi fleet fuel-efficiency standards. These sorts of fuel efficiency rules are presently only mandated and regulated by the federal government.

Advocates say New York’s attempt to set an example is generally a good idea, as it could set a precedent for other cities to control their own energy policy. Additionally, with all the taxis in New York, a policy adjustment in favor of more economical cabs would undoubtedly multiply fuel savings and reduced pollution.

If the proposal goes all the way through to law, it would also enable New York to create its own new style taxi. Presently,  several hybrid minivan-style designs have been suggested as the Big Apple looks to improve its image and become more green.

[Source: Gas 2.0]