Next-Gen Nissan Titan Could Get Diesel Engine Says Product Boss

Next-Gen Nissan Titan Could Get Diesel Engine Says Product Boss

When Nissan finally gets around to replacing the Titan pickup truck, there’s a solid chance it will come with a diesel powerplant – at least as an option.

Previous reports had indicted that there was a possibility, but in a recent interview, Nissan product boss Larry Dominique gave his strongest endorsement yet, commenting that, “diesel is certainly something we are looking at for the next generation Titan.”

The interview was actually a part of Nissan’s “win a chance to be an auto show reporter” contest, and considering all the questions and answers were likely vetted and prepared, this adds more weight to Dominique’s remarks.

Further discussing the issue of diesels Dominique says the introduction of such a powerplant would be based on “consumer demand for greater fuel economy.” Commenting that most consumers tow under 8,000 lbs and don’t require 800 lb-ft of torque, don’t look for a Heavy Duty diesel-powered Titan in the future. “Small displacement diesels or mid-size displacement diesels are certainly something we’d consider,” says Dominique.

Since a partnership with Chrysler fell through on the next-gen Titan, company execs have remained committed to the idea, but we’re not likely to see a second-generation of the Nissan pickup until at least 2014.

  • Ron

    I’m holding out on getting a truck till these come out

  • Michael McCurine

    I BELIEVE IF YOU MAKE A DIESEL FOR THE TITAN AND JUST LIKE THE GAS VERSION ME & same & more will love to get one, but remember it has to have style like these models and a damn good responsive diesel so all GMC & FORD DODGE guys will envy like do with these present TITANS!!

  • Jimmy Thigpen

    I am on my second Titan, I have very few complaints other than both the Titans I have owned have a strange vibration (sound) that come from the front of the engine does anyone out there know what this is? Last if Nissan doesn’t make some BIG over all changes to the Titan in 2014, I’ll probably be driving a Trunda

  • Jose Mejia

    Jimmy, it’s called Spark knock and happens more often when the engine is under a load. Seems to do it more often when the A/C is on. Owners manual says it’s normal and the engine produces the best fuel economy when this happens. Tried to get the dealership to find out what is causing it to correct it but they claim they can’t hear it. I can and apparently you can also. It’s so annoying! Looking at a Tundra myself that doesn’t spark knock!

  • BusProf

    Hmmm, Larry, If you don’t offer a heavy duty truck, how will you know about us folks that need a heavy duty diesel truck? Right now truck sales are going crazy and those of us that pull trailers are forced to buy GM, RAM, or SuperDuty. The profit margins on trucks are huge and for some reason the Japanese companies are steering clear. Larry, pull your head out of marketing research and learn what is keeping American motor companies alive – trucks and SUVs – duh! Mr. Wood: help Larry find some courage to ask his minions some tough questions.

  • Tucker

    BusProf I agree with you if they don’t come out with a heavy duty truck , I guess I’ll have to buy different… My trailer that I tow weighs in at 10,297 lbs loaded. Grant it I don’t like the 8.5 miles per gallon but it is reliable and does the job fine. If this 2.8 diesel is going to be their
    ” heavy duty” truck it not going to work….my wife and I have owed five Nissan’s and considered ourselves to be loyal Nissan people but this may be the end of that unless they give a larger option.