Nissan Pathfinder, Infiniti QX4 Recalled for Rust and Steering Problems

Nissan Pathfinder, Infiniti QX4 Recalled for Rust and Steering Problems

Back in January, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  (NHTSA) reported that, during an investigation of rust issues on 1996-04 Nissan Pathfinder and 1997-03 Infiniti QX4 SUVs, it discovered that serious rusting could cause steering problems resulting in accidents.

In fact, no fewer than 35 cases of severe rusting were reported and of those, 18 vehicles were suffering from steering problems as a result. At the time, the agency was merely conducting an investigation, but now, it’s evolved into a full-blown recall.

Nissan recently announced that it will be recalling a total of 195,991 Pathfinders and QX4s originally sold or currently registered in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin, plus the District of Columbia.

Notice a pattern here? All the states mentioned  suffer periodically from heavy snow fall, with salt and brine often used to clear the roads.

The actual problem concerns a location hole in the front upper strut housing, which can cause salt and slush to seep in, causing moisture to sit at the mating surface of the strut housing and inner hood ledge. Since salt and water like nothing more than a warm, damp environment to feast, over time, the strut housing will literally rot away causing it to collapse in extreme cases and the steering column to break.

Nissan has said that owners of those vehicles in those states affected will be receiving notification and are advised to take their Pathfinders and QX4s to authorized dealers who will inspect the housings and perform any necessary repairs.

For more information owners are advised to contact Nissan at 1-800-647-7261. Alternatively, click on the link below.

  • Walter Weck

    My ’99 Nissan Pathfinder had the strut towers rust out and I was told that it was not fixable. Unfortunately the vehicle, other than that problem, was in great shape. There was no exterior rust to speak of and the vehicle ran great. I ended up trading in the vehicle for a Ford F150 trade-in your ride promotion. I got $3000 off the purchase price but the fact remained that I had to purchase a new vehicle when I should not have had to. Nissan should own up to this problem and compensate the owners for this issue which is distinctly a manufacturing defect. Is there any recourse for this type of situation? I would think, as usual, the manufacturer will get off the hook for using sub-standard materials.

    Disappointed Nissan Owner.

  • Danielle

    I room my vehicle in today a 2000 Pathfinder. They called me to tell me that my problem was unfixable &I can’t have my car back till they told me I would have to get the rental they reserved & paid for & I’ll hear from them next week in what they’ll do to “buy back” my vehicle. Im scared they wont
    offer me what my vehicle is worth. Kbb says 7400. I don’t want trade in value. O want what its worth. They also told me this has happened to several other Pathfinder recalls brought to their location. I’ll repost when I find what happens.

  • Randy Woodruff

    Our 200l Pathfinder was recalled with the strut problem. Taken off the road, told unfixable. We too, are anticipating a low ball offer for a vehicle we had planned on driving for the next couple of years. We are disappointed as we are not in a position to purchase another vehicle right now. How many other people are in this same position?

  • Liz

    I am experiencing a problem with my 2044 Pathfinder at the moment. The steering wheel violently shakes intermitently, as if it could break off and it veers sharply to the left. Then…all of a sudden, it will just stop and be fine. I am taking it to the Nissan dealer on Tuesday for the free recall evaluation. I am not in a position to pay for a costly repair…am hoping that it’s the recall AND it’s fixable. From your experience, did you have any steering problems that were similar to what I’m experiencing?

  • Donna

    My 2001 Pathfinder was deemed “unfixable” on the recall with only 125K miles. I have driven all my Nissans past 150K miles and, like Randy, I am not in a position to buy another car right now and thought I would be driving the Pathfinder for another 2-3 years. I got a sweet Sentra rental (I love going to the gas pump after driving a gas-sucking V6 for 10 years!) but the company handling my case initially offered me $5600 for my car– much below the KBB or Edmunds value. I was instantly furious and then learned he did not give me credit for any of the options I had (LE edition). I expected they would do all their homework before throwing an offer down. At the moment, the offer on the table is $7500, and, although it seems fair for the year/mileage etc., it does not compensate for the inconvenience, stress, time away from work and family to research, visit dealerships, test drive etc. and other added expenses (destination, taxes, registration, etc.) I could go on and on… Most of us holding on to our Nissans are doing so for a reason– either we can’t afford a car payment or don’t want a car payment. Nissan should offer additional discounts or vouchers or something. I learned the Toyota recall was very generous (1.5 times KBB value) and Toyota offered 2 numbers– a “take the money and run” number and a higher number if buying another Toyota. I heard that second-hand, but I expected Nissan would do something similar. This has been very stressful. I hope others will post on their experiences. Best of luck everyone!

  • Pete M

    Had the same problem. They called and said the car cannot be fixed and then oops we fix it.

    So now, I have to drive a car that obviously has rust issues and I don’t feel it’s safe. I’m surprised that they Nissan/Infiniti was not hit with a class action lawsuit.

    If you don’t have a handle over your QA and put crap out that endangers people lives you should take responsibility for it. Period. No ifs or buts.
    Too bad companies wait until something bad happens and then they have to pay 10 times more.

    A very unhappy customer.

  • Richard

    I have a 2001 qx4 that the strut tower failed do to rust, at the time of the failure it broke the steering shaft witch caused the steering to completely fail and also damage the clock spring, Infiniti’s response was too bad, your on your own, I hope Infiniti is proud, they now rank right up with the American auto manufactures support, maybe we will be lucky enough to bail the Japanese auto manufacturers out next THANK YOU NISSAN NICE JOB

  • Patrice

    Hello my fellow recall members! Well, I to am irate, beyond upset, and out of mind dilarious about what all Inifinity is putting me through for the recall on the strut towers on my 98 qx4; 231mls. I am so furious as you too are, but I refuse to give them my care for them to give me penny’s for what I worked hard to pay for. They have the nevere to withhold my car, in turn I told them that I will bring the police,because I no longer owe Inifinty/Nissan a rent sent on my car! I am going to get a lawyer for all this inconveience they have put on me! Everyone stand by your car and fight for your truck! We all paid good money for them , and should get a good compensation for it! Fight for your rights everyone!

  • Danielle

    I posted quite a while ago. August 19th I took my pathy in for the recall service. I have only heard from the 3rd party company once to confirm my information. I will not settle foe peanuts for my fully loaded 2000 Nissan that had a sticker price of 35,000. Maybe they’ll decide to call one day soon. Until then I will continue to drive the rental they are paying for. Let it be during the holidays when they try to undercut what we’ve paid off and worked hard for …they’ll hear from my attorney as well.

  • Dennis

    This is amazing. I did not know so many others were having the same problem. I guess our lives are not very important if they are continuing to low ball and not take responsiblity for there product. They should replace our vehicles with similar vehicle because there should be enought that exist. This is a disgrace, and to think i use to love my nissan.

  • Mr. # from Long Island NY

    I am having the same issue with my 1999 pathfinder cannot afford to buy a new car right now, inyended to hold to it for another 2 to 3 years, now Nissan is telling me in not fixable. 147,000 miles just got transmission replaced last moth.. So now I’m not happy at all

  • Jane

    I own a 2001 QX4 in pristine condition about 90,000 miles. I love this suv, bought it new and just finished paying it off last year. After paying $600 a month for 10 years I was happy to have no more payments. I expected to get another 3-5 yrs from it … before having to purchase a newer vehicle, even then my thoughts were to never sell my QX4 I was going to hang on to it forever. I took it in to have a front light replaced and they told me they could not let me have it back, that was 2 months ago. I am so upset, the thought of having car payments again has really put me in a tailspin. I think that nissan should re-imburse me for what I paid or give me a replacement automobile. It is not my fault that I purchased a faulty vehicle, they sold it to me. At the time when I purchased it, I spent months researching before I bought my QX4 and now am expected to …..? what just go out there and buy another one just like that! I realize this is a 10 year old car, but to me it was all mine or so I thought!

  • Bev

    When you went in to have your QX4 inspected do you know what LEVEL they assigned to the damage on the driver and passenger side? I do not want them to keep my car. thanks.

  • vince

    I had my 96 pathfinder seized At dealer Now I’m waiting to hear What will the offer me for my vehicle I will not settle for low blue book I had 107,000 miles on my vehicle

  • Jane

    I have not seen pictures but they said it was borderline … fractures! Really this is a very dangerous default in the design of these suv’s. You can lose steering or brakes. It makes me nervous when I see one on the road.

  • Dr. Dan

    On 7/19/2011 my 1999.5 QX4 was taken to the dealer and determined to be unfixable. Now, a full 4 months later I am contacted by “Morely” and I will be presented my first offer for my car. I sent them 22 pages of information including the original sticker ( I am the original owner) and I too expected to have this car for many more years to come. I will keep everyone posted……and I have also had some legal input so that I know going in just what’s up. Are they just paying me for my car? Am I signing off on any future legal action? Important stuff to know.

  • Starz

    So here we are still waiting for Nissan to contact us! what are we as Nissan owners really going to do? I want them to find a Pathfinder in same condition and replace my sons vehicle. Oh by the way my son had and accident, steering seemed to have a slow response ask dealer if this problem could have contributed to the accident? Of course they are assuring me that had no bearing on the steering. While it was not a serious accident still I am pondering This thought .
    Recall clearly states that steering could be effected! Hummmmmm what to do? Any thoughts let me know!

    Before I finish thought I would add that my 01 Pathfinder, totaled due to steering issue, this was back in 05 before the recall was made public. Though I must say that my daughter walked away with not even a scratch on her! That is why I believed in the safety of the Pathfinder. Now though I do wonder if this recall may have been an issue on that Pathfinder as well!

    Ok I am finished now, in the hands of Nissan now! DO NOT like being in this position! How about you?

  • Ilene M.

    I have just begun the waiting period for a third party (Morley) to confirm that my 2001 Pathfinder is un-fixable. After that, I’ve heard the negotiations for what it’s worth begin. Like many, my agenda for the year didn’t include the purchase of new vehicle. This is a personal and financial inconvenience. The car was running just fine at about 125k miles and I had planned to keep it for quite some time. Any advice on ensuring I get the highest return for my vehicle. p.s. Just yesterday, a friend told me the same thing happened to him with a Toyota vehicle. They gave him a brand NEW truck (18,000 value) for which he only had to pay 4000. What great publicity for Toyota. I hope Nissan will deliver.

  • Dr. Dan

    Morley calls you, wants to hear back immediately like all of a sudden there is a big rush after waiting 4 months to contact me. So I send them everything on the car and they say they will call me back on Friday at 12;45pm to make me an offer……..well needless to say that Friday was two weeks ago and once again I am waiting. This time I am paying them no attention as the rental is coming out of their pocket and I will be happy to drive it forever……if that is their wish.
    Irene…..make sure you have all the maintenance records on your car showing all the work you did on it and how it was taken care of while you had it. If you just put on new tires or a timing belt that will prove you had intentions of keeping the car for quite some time. Once they do make me an offer I will keep you all advised. That “new truck” for 4k sounds good to me….LOL

  • Jason

    I have a 2000 Pathfinder that I wrecked in Jan. 2011. I lost control of the steering. The vehicle was immaculate so I repurchased it from the ins. co. that totaled the vehicle inhopes of fixing it back. Then I get the recall notice and my local Nissan Dealer says unrepairable and I start dealing with Morley. Long story short after several hours on phone and several faxes they tell me they being the Manager Josh Wegener ( who was unprofessional , not a mechanic , not an engineer and not a nice guy) that they are not going to fix my vehicle or buy it back! Due to the fact it is a salvaged title, of course it is a salvaged title , I purchased it back form the ins. co. . But my dealer says not safe, any suggestions on what to do? Anyone know how to go above this pencil pusher at Morley or a number to a corparate office of Morley?

  • Leo

    Im in St Louis Mo. My 2001 QX4 was pikced up by a flatbed and transported to the dealership this past tuesday ( nov 29th )to determine the severity of the corrosion in the strut tower. My personal mechanic caught it the night before after I had complained of a grinding sound when I turned the wheel as well as a strong pull to the left when I drive. Anyway, dealer called me Wed to state that the issue could not be fixed and that Infiniti/toyota will be contacting me to discuss compensation. I quickly went to Kelly Blue Book to determine the value and based on the condition of the car ( good ) with 240,000 miles that there was a retail of 6400.00. Now this is where I figure its going to get ugly. I figure that my SUV is good for another 30 months. I have maintained this car very well and there is a reason that it is still running after 240K miles and no rust ( other than the rust caused by the housing issue ). So I say that an average car payment is aobut 300 a month. At 30 months thats 9k, plus the value of the SUV equals about 15K. I dont think that they will offer that or even pay, but I feel that I should be offered more than just the value of the car….wouldnt you think? I would really like to see 10K or better yet tell them to find me another QX4 and cover it for 5 years bumper to bumper. I will let you all know how it turn out. I expect to be contacted by Toyota either Friday or Monday. By the way, they did arrange and pick up the cost to have it transported to the dealer as well as arrange transportation while I am without my car. So I imagine that I will be in the GMC Tahoe rental for the next week or so until this is settled.

  • Scout242

    I am the original owner of a 2003 Infiniti QX-4 with 130,000 miles. Got back from the dealer today and was told there is a very good chance Infiniti will want to purchase my truck. Apparently the last QX-4 that arrived at the dealership was offered $8,000. Don’t know the year, mileage or condition. I spoke to my brother who was a Service Manager at a GM dealership and a Licensed Insurance Appraiser for Allstate. He said that I need to look up the exact vehicles listed for sale in my area- (in my case- NY, NJ, CT) and print them out to use as leverage for compensation. Apparently when a car is wrecked, insurance companies do not go off of blue book value but instead will use similar for sale comparables for value. I found that interesting since the numbers come in higher. Hope that helps some of you… For now I’m enjoying the rental car so they will need to sharpen their pencils before I agree to a figure. FYI- Infiniti is coming out with a new SUV called the JX which is an updated version of the QX-4 but set to arrive early spring 2013. It’s sweet but the price is pushing upper 40’s to low 50’s. OUCH! Don’t know what I’m going to do since I too was not planning on purchasing another vehicle. I’ll keep everyone posted of the figure I’m offered. Good luck to all!

  • April

    I am the owner of a 98 pathfinder, I never received a recall notice never mind a second notice like there claiming they sent out. I heard about this wide spread recall /buy backs through friends. About a year ago I brought my truck for the recall on the fuel filler tube , Nissan told me they could not fix it because the strut tower would fall out if on the lift and Hurt there staff so they would not do the recall and gave me paper work stating unsafe to drive. Well I believed they were b.s ing me and the fact that I’m a single mom of a 8yr old at the time a 3month old and I was pregnant with my 3rd child I could not buy another vehicle so decided to fix the problems. B4 my appointment to have strut housing welded so it wouldn’t fall out ,I was driving and my steering column snapped and I had no steering,luckily I was going slow and there were no injury to any1. I have put at least 1500 in to truck fixing these recalls b4 they were recalls and just had 4new tires put on b4 winter. My truck goes to Nissan Monday , they say they will giv me a rental but they need a credit card which I don’t have and I have to have full coverage insurance which I don’t have, I have liability …. I’m never nervous thinking I’m not gonna get a rental and I’m not gonna have my truck. I was told by Nissan that because some1 else fixed the truck and not Nissan that Nissan will deem it unfixable because they won’t touch truck if some1 else besides Nissan fixes it… Can any1 tell me there experience with this and with the whole rental process please. I have 3kids 2of them under 2 what will I do with no car???

  • Greg Kirby

    I have read all the comments by Pathfinder and QX4 owners connected to this recall. It is more than disturbing. I have had my 2001 QX4, purchased in 2000 since it was new. Let me say that I have never had a vehicle over 3.5 years old but this was a keeper. It has 150,000 and keeps on going like the Eveready Bunny! Now Infinity comes along, tells me my car is broken and kidnaps the car for 5 weeks now and guess what? Nobody has called me and upon verification at the dealership, Infinity tech. has still not shown up. As stated on some earlier comments from others, no one has called from the 3rd party organization since their initial contact 3.5 weeks ago and nobody can tell me a word. I paid dearly for this vehicle and do not want to be insulted with a low ball offer should it come to that. I personally and going to be well prepared to counter any offer that they should make that is tied to KBB. I suggest any that ready this that has not already settled to stand up and refuse! What are they going to do, give you a car back that could kill you? Don’t sign any thing until you feel what you are offered is fair. If Nissan/Infinity continues to hold the line, there will be a class action lawsuit looming.

  • Dr. Dan


    They absolutely have to cover your rental, that I believe you will have for at least 4 months before they actually contact you. My advise, take the biggest car they will allow. Explain you have small children and no credit card and pretty much demand a full size vehicle and Infiniti can cover the extra insurance. Keep us posted and to everyone…..YOU ARE NOT JUST SIGNING OFF ON THE PRICE OF YOUR VEHICLE…YOU ARE SIGING AWAY ALL YOUR FUTURE RIGHTS IN THIS RECALL. SO FORGET KBB VALUE YOU SHOULD BE NEGOTIATING WHAT IT WILL COST YOU FOR A VEHICLE OVER THE NEXT 3-5 YEARS.

  • Mr. T

    I took my 99 QX4 into the infiniti dealer for it kept stalling and leaving me stranded. At first they didnt have a loaner for me to use while they figure out what the problem was. But, once they put my vehicle in the system. All of the sudden they found me a rental and my “Q” had to be given a second inspection for this recall. BUT, I HAD THEM INSPECT IT TWO MONTHS PRIOR AND THEY TOLD ME THAT IT WAS SOUND. PLUS, THEY SAW THAT I HAD THE PROBLEM REPAIRED AND THAT IT WAS A GOOD JOB. NOW THEY’VE HAD MY “Q” FOR THREE WEEKS. IVE HAD MY ‘Q’ FOR MORE THAN NINE YEARS AND ITS IN GREAT SHAPE. WHAT CAN I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM THEM. E-MAIL ME PLEASE @ TMITCH2001@YAHOO.COM

  • MKM

    Ugh – I am about the enter the pain all of you are feeling…2002 Pathfinder – 82,000 miles in great shape, strut tower rusted out. We had intended to drive it into the ground – My husband’s former 1990 Pathfinder had 294,000 miles on it. Taking it to Nissan on Wednesday….not looking forward to it. But am taking taking everyone’s advise into consideration. When are we starting the class action suit??

  • Heidi

    OMG i am horrified after reading this. I took my 2000 pathfinder in today and was told it is unfixable and I will have an offer in 2weeks? 4 months? This is insane! I bettre have an answer in 2 weeks or its gonna hit the fan! They already know Im a b**** because I rejected the POS loaner they thought I was going to take. And yes BB value does not come close to covering what the value of this car is to me! I am a single mother and I cannot afford a car payment but you better believe I will find a way to come up with some money for a lawyer!
    Keep posting results please!!

  • Beth

    I am waiting for my “buyback” check. They are giving me the top KBB for a private seller in excellent condition which is actually pretty good considering I don’t think I could have sold it outright for near that amount with 150K mi. on the odo. I have returned the acceptance to the offer and am waiting to arrange the exchange at the dealership. My problem is – I found another vehicle and am not sure if my hands are tied for 1 week or 1 month. They seem to run at least a week over what they tell you in getting back to you. In fact, I have had to call them to keep the ball rolling so far. I loved my 01 Pathfinder, but was considering selling just before this happened – just hoped I could make it thru the holidays first. Ah well… just a little MORE holiday stress.

  • Michelle

    I am experiencing the same issue and have been dealing with Morley since just before Thanksgiving. They are covering the rental car which my husband is driving since he averages a few hundred miles a week…figured we would save the mileage on the one car we have left. Our QX4 is paid in full and I am extremely irritated with the thought of having another payment. As of today, Morley is offering us $7100 for a car that I should have been able to drive for at least 2 more not fair. I contacted a lawyer who informed me that they are really only required to pay us what the car is worth not what we think it is worth….priceless as far as I am concerned!!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER VEHICLE FROM THEM AGAIN!!!!!

  • Heidi

    At beth…do you mind telling what they offered? I am waiting for my offer.

  • carlos

    I have the same problem-been dealing with Morley for 4 weeks. Nissan is paying for my rental, but I haven`t heard from them since Nov 30, when they asked me for a copy of my title. Please let me know how long you guys have been waiting. Thanks.

  • Jay

    I can’t believe this is happening. I just took my car in and now am waiting for the second assessment. I’ve been in contact with Morely, and I have a rental that Nissan is paying for. I’m not going to lie, my car is rusty, but it runs great. I have 135,000 on it, and I just put new tires on it. I’ve changed the oil every 3000 miles, etc… Associates from Nissan told me they’ve had people with the same problem that have rented a car for 5 months! I’m prepared to do the same since I planned on driving my car into the ground. I have no means of buying another car…so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. How can they low ball us, when they put our lives literally at risk. I have a couple friends that are lawyers that I’m going to be in contact with. Can anyone tell me the end product? I would be happy with a used truck/SUV with the same mileage. But I do think they should give us a little more since they 1 endangered our lives for the sake of saving a dollar, and 2) huuuuggeee inconvenience. That alone should be worth a small upgrade. I’ll keep in touch, I definitely would like to hear more about whats going on with people who are further in this terrible process…..thanks for your time!


  • Michelle

    Just received our offer. What is irritating is they take forever to get in touch with us while they figure out how much they owe us and then give us a week to mull over the offer and get back to them. Then they say that if they don’t hear from us the offer will be off the table and we will be expected to return the rental and pick up our car, which they told us wasn’t safe to drive!!!!! SO TOTALLY IRRITATED!!!!!!!

  • Kati

    I have a 99 Pathfinder, It’s taken the process of giving me an offer (that happened today) 7 weeks. I have rust damage on the outside as well as “the inside”, Morley listed it as in “very good condition”, I got the front struts replaced and new tires a year ago along with belts, I also had them look at the steering column because it shook (new struts put in) it didn’t help. The KBB value for my car is 4,800 in very good condition and that was their 1st offer. They said they would compensate for any work done with in the last 6 months, I did ask for a little more to help pay off my credit card. They didn’t ask for any receipts, Morley just said they had to talk to their supervisor then came back with a higher offer of 6000. The woman I talked to on the phone was extremely nice, that’s the only positive thing that happened out of this situation, I only have 700.00 left on my loan. I was expecting to drive this “POS” for another 2 years. My daughter is excited for a new car but I’m not excited for another 5 years of payments 🙁 Keep on keeping on every one, hang in there!

  • Dr. Dan

    Has anyone turned down the offer for their car and signed the denial letter? Picked up their car and went on their merry way? Please advise.
    We are at that point now with my 1999.5 QX4 as they continue to just pay back book value for these cars and not consider what a new car will cost us. please advise.

  • TM

    As the owner of a 99.5 Pathy with 211K miles and in need of a replacement tranny, struts, calipers, shocks, etc., I would welcome a buyback check for four thousand dollars or more. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find another 12-yr old midsize SUV, hopefully in better condition and for a similar price. But you can bet it won’t be a Datsun!

  • Janice

    I took my 1997 QX4 to Infiniti dealer Tuesday, January 3rd and they called yesterday, January 5th to say Infiniti would buy my car. I have ~137K mileage and LOTS of rust – They say I had Level II damage. I am in a rental, for which my credit card has the hold, so I cannot use that money for however long they keep my car. I also have to keep my insurance on a car I cannot drive! They gave me a Kia Sportage, it is just OK.

    I have a friend whose brother-in-law had a 99 Pathfinder with 155K mileage. They gave him almost $7K, he had a rental for 7 weeks before they settled.

    I just bought this car in September, I figured I would have it a bit longer than 3 1/2 months! It is kind of scary to think I was driving around in this very dangerous vehicle!

  • carla

    Right now I am awaiting my offer as well, 2000 QX4 only 68 K miles, what do you think they will offer me? Thanks!

  • Pocahontas

    I just got off the phone with the Morley lady and was told that the most they can give me for my 97 Pathy is 5K- I either agree and accept the offer or I was told to go back to the dealer holding my Pathy captive, sign a waiver that releases Nissan from any liability, then drive it off the lot at my own risk. WTF?!! I am a single mom- I just bought the Pathy a year ago, took me a year and a week to pay it off. Now, I have to go into debt in order to get another vehicle to replace my Pathy? So, what do I do? Can Morley do that? I own my Pathy..I have the title- is it right that pre-determine a number value then tell you to take it or else?

  • Pocahontas

    Also- I had to drive my 97 Pathy an hour away, on the interstate, to get it to the nearest dealer for the inspection. I was just told that if I accept their offer of settlement, I will have to return the rental to the dealership and then I would get my check…. I don’t even know how I am to get back home? I can’t get another vehicle until I settle with the mean Morley folks.
    Where I live, a local Toyota dealership is having a sale and they advertise they will give you an additional $2K over the blue book value of your trade in if you buy a Toyota… I asked the Morley lady why I could get more from my Pathy as a trade in at Toyota than Nissan was offering to make it right. I was rudely told that Toyota can’t do that because they are aware of the Nissan recall. Again.. wtf?!

    I don’t know what to do? I was told Nissan will only go one thousand over blue book value. What to do if I don’t want to accept AND I don’t want to sign their waiver?? Do I have to? I needy help!

  • Mr. K.

    I am the owner of a 1999.5 QX4 with 150k miles. I brought my car into the Infinity Dealarship on 1/24/12 after being advised by my mechanic that Infinity vehicles have been recalled for the rust problems. The Dealership advised that the rust damage on my car, is a Level 3 and that they are going to “Ground” the car and have Morely contact me for financial compensation. Morley contacted me 2 days later for basic information and stated they would get back to me in 1-2 weeks.

    I found the above comments extremely informative and request that the writers give an update on the offer’s, counter-offers and general experience in dealing with Morely and the Dealerships. This information can help everyone during negotiations. Thanks.

  • Ric

    I have a 99.5 Nissan Pathfinder LE/ All bells and whistles except for tow package and high end wheels. My car was looked at on Dec 28th and I have spoke to Morley and received and offer of 5300.00 which is excellent condition in the KBB. I feel that is insufficient since I can’t replace the vehicle for that amount. There should be some compensation for that or they should put us in a newer vehicle that has been traded in. I will counter their offer and see what happens. I’m in financial hardship and can’t afford any type of vehicle payment.I believe Nissan should do the right thing here. I will say I have loved my Pathfinder and deemed it to be a quality vehicle. Like the state of the economy causing my financial hardship, I don’t believe I should pay out of pocket for something we did not cause. Where is the accountability? Keep you informed.

  • Dr. Dan

    1999.5QX4 221000 miles got 6648 for it. Really thought I would do better than that but they are firm at that number. Should be all done tomorrow…will advise.

  • Dr. Dan


    You should get over 10,000 for your car with that little mileage.

  • Dr. Dan

    I got 6648 for my 99.5 with 221,000 miles

  • mat

    I live in Canada so rust was certainly an issue on my 99.5 SE Pathy (80k miles). Original owner and loved the truck. Only got one recall notice but took it in. They said they could fix it but after 4 days said no. Put me in a rental (any size at my choice). A week later an adjuster called with a close to $10k offer. I signed over ownership a couple of days later and the check was handed to me a week after that. So all in all about two and a half weeks which wasn’t bad. Dealership and adjuster were good to me so I feel for my friends in the US.

  • Nancy

    Am only owner of my 98 Path SE. Nissan, to their credit, gave me a new tranny when it failed out of the blue, at 90K – I paid for installation. Dealer repaired recall on the fuel filler tube. I’ve had all maintenance done according to manual’s instructions. When the recall came for the strut housing, dealer “cleaned housing and applied a rubberized coating to prevent future rusting”. Never mentioned steering column rust so I’ll bring it back for them to review. Recently though, the Path was rocking severly. After replacing rear shocks and front struts, prob not solved. Finally, trailing arm on passenger side had a quarter to half inch play which caused the instability. Replaced those on both sides and prob solved. BUT, before they took off the lift, I asked to have a look and saw 2 brackets that mount the body to the frame are rusting. I took such good care of this Path now at 240K miles, it would be a crime if the body flew off the frame while cruising down the road! This Path will run forever but it will rust away first – too bad. Wonder if Nissan will give me anything towards a new one 🙁

  • Rick

    Well needless to say I’ve owned 3 Nissans and will NEVER buy another after this. My 1997 Pathfinder had 140,000 miles. I was a mechanic for years and treated this vehicle well. I just sank 1,500.00 into it and a month before it was confiscated I replaced the entire exhaust system. Nissan WILL NOT reimburse for anything I have done in the last year. I have received 2 letters and will NOT sign anything. I gave them my credit card # when I picked up the rental I plan on calling my credit card company and cancelling the card before these idiots start charging me for the rental. One would think these people would at least wait until they cut you a check to take the rental away!!!! They first offered me 4,000.00 then after much bickering 5,100.00 and thats KBB excellent shape value. When TOYOTA had their recall they offered their customers 150% of KBB and I believe that was fair. We should all get together and start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. These people should be reimbursing for hardship/inconvenience etc. I plan on writing an article in my local paper to get the word out, contacting my state attorney general and the department of consumer affairs. I paid 32,000.00 for a loaded Pathfinder which as far as I’m concerned I got half the life out of. I replaced timing belt, distributor exhaust system, rear suspension bushings (for that sway problem).

  • Mike

    Agree with Rick.
    Infiniti QX4, 2001 95K, rusted all over. The rust started immediately after the 4 years warranty. I called them and they didn’t care one bit.
    Never again another Infiniti/Nissan.


  • Taylor

    Talk about the stress levels of a broke 20yr-old, part-time retail worker, and more than full-time college student. My 1997 Nissan Pathfinder ABS came on when I reached about 125,XXX miles. Come to find out the line was completely cut by the giant rusty hole above the strut housing whatever. I’m scared man. I loved my Pathfinder and I can’t afford any car payments. My main concern now is the rental car. Will they give me one at my age? What can I do…

  • Carol

    After having to deal with this recall with Nissan I will NEVER purchase a Nissan vehicle again. I will be informing all of my family and friends of how Nissan deals with their customers in hopes that they don’t either. I will continue to blogg any where and every where of how Nissan treats their customers. Nissan does not care about their customers enough to deal with them on this recall directly – all they do is refer you to a third party company that is handling the buy out of these cars. This company is called Morley. The people at Morley are unsympathetic to the whole situation and are very rude. They tell you that you have two options 1) take your car back and sign a disclaimer which will protect Nissan from any liability if something happens while driving your car (nice job Nissan, you found your way around that one!) OR 2) accept the offer that they make you. The offer may be a little over what the Kelly Blue Book is but not much at all (they think they are doing you a favor by offering you a little more that the KBB value and will keep informing you that it is over the KBB value – big deal). These people (both from Nissan and Morley) know they have you. They don’t care that you now have to waste your time going to find a new car, they don’t car that you have to waste your time going back and forth on the phone with them, they don’t care if your car was paid off and now you are going to end up having to buy a car and take on the car payments, THEY JUST DON’T CARE. Nissan proved to me what kind of company they really are and just how much they care about their customers. Every single person that is going through this recall should take the money and run – run to a COMPETITIVE car dealer and put the money that Nissan gives you down on one of their cars. Nissan thinks they have stuck it to me but in-turn I am really going to be sticking it to Nissan. I have owned Nissan’s most of my life – after this experience I can assure you that I will NEVER own a Nissan again, nor will my children and hopefully nor will other people that I talk to out this experience. Good deal Nissan – you lost one of your loyal customers as a result of this recall and I can assure you that I will be spending a lot of my time and effort working on making sure you loose many more.

  • Rick

    I’m with you. I urge you and others to write articles in local papers “Safety Recall Gone Bad” is my title feel free to use it. I have been looking for cars 2 weekends in a row now and I can’t stand it. This is a disruption in my life that I don’t need right now (financially). NISSAN SUCKS and that is the bottom line!!!! I only hope that some lawyer who specializes in class action suites takes this on!!!

  • Rick

    Oh by the way post on Nissan’s FB wall and see how fast it gets deleted

  • Mike


    You are absolutely right. After 15 years with Nissan and Infiniti I will never buy one again and will urge all the people I know to do the same.

    They don’t care about their customers and for this reason they will never see my money again.

  • anthony

    Took my 99.5 pathfinder with a bunch of rust on it and 221,000 miles to the dealership two weeks ago, not because I received a letter in the mail from Nissan about the recall but because someone told me about the recall. They were very friendly, put me in a rental vehicle and told me to enjoy it until you hear back. Morley called and informed me they wanted to buy my car back for $3500 and I laughed in their faced then hung up. They called me back, told me they could give me up to $5500. I’m debating if I should take the offer or hire an attorney. Any opinions??

  • anthony

    Furthermore, It was a 1999.5 LE model with everything but the towing package. I originally purchased it work $32k. Car wasn’t in fair condition at best when I took it into the dealership for the recall but with the little driving I was doing with it, I’m confident it was going to last at least another 2 years.

  • jono6406

    take the $5500 and run.

  • Leigh W

    My boyfriend and I just took his 97 Pathfinder SE, with about 190,000 miles, in to have the recall checked out. They ended up keeping it. We didn’t know this was possible. They gave him a 2012 Nissan Altima to drive around for free. They were pretty accommodating in this regard and told him that he just needed to come in each month and renew the rental. This all happened about two weeks ago. He just got the call from Nissan today. They told him that they were going to offer him $2948, which is KBB “good condition.” Then, he requested that the cost of the remote start he had installed be included in the buy-back price, which bumped the price up to $3238. What they did then, was consider the condition of the car to be KBB “excellent,” which was basically the cost of the remote start kit plus $60. Then, he told the woman that he had done several repairs on the car to try to fix the wobble the Pathfinder had. This amounted in about $2000 overall. The woman went ahead then and bumped the price up to $4298, which was $1000 more, and the max they could offer us. They would have added the cost of the tires we put on in 2010, if we had put them on in 2011 or 2012 (700 down the drain). To get anything more, he’ll have to call Nissan Consumer Affairs. Based on this dialogue, though, it seems like we’re just going to need to take their offer and put this all behind us.

  • Rick


  • Jason

    So I have Morley negotiating the buy back for my car now. They are giving me excellent condition for 2001 Pathfinder SE with low mileage(120k). It’s around $6500 and it seems very low. I’ve been looking around and comparing the same car going for $7-$9500. Has anyone got better price for the same year?

  • Rick

    What I think we should all do is demand a listing of payouts to insure we are all being reimbursed properly. I just settled and did not get reimbursed for the money I put into my Pathfinder 6 months before they took my car. I got sick of dealing with Morley and the letters they kept sending threatening to charge my credit card and demanding I return the rental in 5 days. Now that I have settled I plan on writing editorials, contacting local news agencies to spread the word on how badly Nissan dealt with this. JUST BOUGHT A SUBARU and love it !

  • Chad

    My 99.5 pathy is unrepairably and its an LE model with 187000 miles. what do u think i should get for it?

  • Johnson79

    My 96 is in the shop today. Let’s see what they say…

  • Sharonrubinberginteriors

    They offered me the same for my Infiniti QX4 2001, 124,000 miles but I told them way too low considering mine was pretty loaded.  They went up to $7860, saying that was their absolute highest offer and I hit them them up for the two new tires I had recently bought.  This brought my total reimbursement up to $8250.

  • sharon

    Also, they tried to rate my car as “fair” and I wasn’t having that either so we settled on a “good” rating, just fyi.  Try to get the $7800 number, I didnt have to push too hard.

  • Sosanic

    I repaired my pathy 2001, for this rust and it cost me well over $1,500, but dont have receipts since it was over 2 yrs ago.  Any suggestions?  

  • Sosanic

    I repaired my pathy 2001, for this rust and it cost me well over $1,500, but dont have receipts since it was over 2 yrs ago.  Any suggestions?  

  • Tschmidt001

    My 2001 had the LF housing resting on the steering shaft when I noticed it.   I brought it in to the dealership that is part of the largest chain of dealerships in Wisconsin.   The put a brace in with bolts, slapped some fiberglass cloth and resin on it and called it good.   They never aligned it after the strut was removed & replaced.   Tires were @ 41psi, not 26psi like the door tag says.   Overspray of undercoating covers the master cylinder reservoir so now you can’t check your fluid level.  And they threw out my camber adjusting bolt when they re-installed the strut and gave me a standard one.
    I brought my truck home, and found all this.  Plus they said the RF was fine and just undercoated it.   I scraped away the new undercoating where it was “swelled” up and not smooth and flat.   Poked a hole right in the engine compartment on the RF now.   Already wrote NNA consumer affairs multiple letters.   Sent dozens of pictures.   Wrote the dealership a letter.   Wrote the Nissan regional rep a letter.   Contacted my attorney.   Had third parties perform independent inspections.   Contacted the local newspaper and 2 television stations already as well about work that is said to be performed, but not really done at prestigous dealerships.   I have been an ASE certified tech for close to 9 years now and no what goes on in these shops.   Nissan North America promised me a response by 6/15/12 at the latest because I told them I don’t want the SUV.  They need to buy it back, and for a fair amount.

  • Tschmidt001

    What did you get for it?

  • Dave

    I don’t understand you brought it? Did you take it to the dealership? Tires, use your head. The door states pressure for the same size tire and wheel that came on the car. Take into consideration. This isn’t a car. It’s a SUV. Buy a cheap junk tire? That is exactly what you will receive. You had it in your head it was junk when you drove it in to the dealership. ASE Tech. You should know (not no) what shops do. I’m in the business as well. The shady stuff doesn’t happen there. If you don’t want the car? Drive it to the dealership and drive it thru the front doors if you don’t get a PROPER answer. Who’s driving the car? YOU or the dealership? We need to take back our customer service issues.