Novitec Tridente Introduces 590-HP Supercharged Maserati GranCabrio

Novitec Tridente Introduces 590-HP Supercharged Maserati GranCabrio

While Novitec Rosso is famously known for tuning and modifying Ferraris, it’s only natural that a separate division, Novitec Tridente, would be tinkering with Maseratis as well. Sporting 590-hp and 422 ft-lbs of torque, Novitec Tridente’s Maserati GranCabrio makes for one fun luxury convertible.

To achieve the new horsepower, Novitec equipped the GranCabrio’s 4.7L V8 powerplant with a supercharger. In addition, a water-to-air intercooler keeps the boosted motor nice and safe. Other performance enhancements include a custom intake manifold and larger injectors to ensure the motor gets plenty of fuel now that it’s been force induced. ECU tuning ensures everything has been remapped properly. The performance upgrades alone are a tad over $28,700. A Novitec Tridente exhaust system is also available for the GranCabrio.

On the outside, Novitec outfits the GranCabrio with a collection of carbon fiber aerodynamic goods. Front spoiler lips are attached to the factory front bumper while side skirts gives the coupe a sleeker appearance. In the rear, a spoiler lip and diffuser are also available.

Suspension upgrades allows the Maserati to be lowered with a push of a button, in addition to being raised a little over 1.5-inch to easily maneuver around those pesky speedbumps. Novitec chose to outfit their GranCabrio with a staggered set of 21- and 22-inch wheels, matched to Pirelli P Zero rubber.

Those seeking even more upgrades for their GranCabrio, Novitec offers interior upgrades with a varied selection of leather and Alcantara upgrades.

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