NSX Successor On its Way Confirms Honda Chief

NSX Successor On its Way Confirms Honda Chief

Many a Honda fanboy is under the impression that the brand has lost its way, putting too much of a focus on green technology and not enough on driving enjoyment and performance. But Honda is looking to restore faith in the company by merging the two ideas says President Takanobu Ito, confirming that it is working ‘very hard’ on a spiritual successor to the car.

What exactly that means is unclear, but Ito says it will be exciting to drive but also a green machine. That being said it is expected to sit as a flagship not only for Honda’s performance side, but also for its hybrid technology.

The previous NSX successor was killed off due to cost cutting measures, and that might not have been the worst thing as the front-engined V10 exotic seemed to depart significantly from the Honda performance philosophy. Expected to be a hybrid (and possibly a plug-in hybrid) if the NSX is any indication, look for this car to wow fans with agile handling and impressive packaging rather than astonishingly high performance numbers.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Ray

    Can’t wait for this one. I’ve been wondering for a while now if/when we will get a NSX replacement. Now hondaboy’s can hold back their tears lol.

    I just hope Honda will make this NSX replacement much beefier than the NSX. The NSX was just way too underpowered to be called a “supercar”

    I’d like to see Honda offer the NSX successor with 2 engine options. The Hybrid/Plug-In Hybrid and for us gear-head’s a turbo V6 or naturally aspirated V8 to help it keep up with vehicles like the Nissan GT-R and other vehicles it would be in the same class as.

  • disappointed hondafan

    This does not bode well for this car or Honda as I could care less about how green a sports car is especially if it means such a sacrifice in performance like the lackluster CR-Z which epitomizes how not to design a sport coupe as at has virtually no performance that any enthusiast would even deem to be even remotely sporty as it is one of the slowest and worst handling cars (see Motor Trend). HOnda can make a hybrid version if they like but it must offer a gasoline engine if it hopes to win any respect or enthusiasm from the media and car enthusiast like myself.

  • Penisman

    this seems like a good move for the company, hopefully they don’t disappoint like the crz

  • Rick

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you