Obama’s Limo Exempt from New ‘Green Fleet’ Rules

Obama’s Limo Exempt from New ‘Green Fleet’ Rules

Last week President Obama announced his new ‘Green Fleet’ plan that would see all of the government’s 600,000 vehicles be either hybrids, plug-in electrics or flex-fuel models by 2015. There are, however, a few exceptions – most notably ‘The Beast’.

The nickname for the President’s armored Cadillac limousine, also referred to as Cadillac One, it is exempt from the new rules. Secret Service Special Agent Robert Novy confirmed as much to Fox News, commenting that, “certain specialized vehicles with law enforcement and security specifications are not subject to this directive.” Included in that list is ‘The Beast’, which features 5-inch thick reinforced walls, it’s own oxygen system and a blood bank in the trunk is reported to get just 8-mpg.

[Source: FoxNews]


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