Peugeot EX1 Sets Nurburgring Electric Car Record

Peugeot EX1 Sets Nurburgring Electric Car Record

When Peugeot first unveiled the EX1 to the world, we all knew it would be one awesome electric car. Its sleek and futuristic design clearly screams race-inspired and now Peugeot has put it on the track just to prove how awesome it is.

Living up to expectations the EX1 has set the record lap time for an electric car on the Nurburgring with a time of 9 minutes and 1.338 seconds. The vehicle averaged an impressive 85.9-mph on the 12 mile course.

To put it all into perspective, the EX1 shattered the former electric car record by over 50 seconds. Its time also puts it on par with a Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo and slightly quicker than a Ford Focus RS. There’s no doubting how rigorous of a test the Nurburgring is on a car and for Peugeot’s EX1 to turn in such an impressive time proves that future electric cars may not be as boring as we all think.

GALLERY: Peugeot EX1 Electric Car Concept

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  • Timothy Collins

    I believe Nurburgring is 12.9 miles but at 12 miles 85.9 is good. The Kleenspeed WX 10 Electric race car averages 94 miles per hour over the 11 turn 2.3 mile Mazda Laguna Seca Racecourse near Monterey California. We will try and get to Nurburgring as it represents a good test for our race car and our electric vehicle system