Ram Long Hauler Delivers 1600 Miles Between Fill-ups

Ram Long Hauler Delivers 1600 Miles Between Fill-ups

It’s just a concept right now, but Ram‘s Heavy-Duty based Long Hauler, is already making waves. Based on a Class 5 Heavy Duty Chassis Cab, it features an 8-foot long dually pickup box and extra fuel provisions – a 60 gallon resevoir mounted between the cab and the bed, plus a further bed mounted fuel tank that holds 50 gallons.

That results in a total fuel capacity of 162 gallons, which, combined with the proven Cummins 6.7-liter straight-six diesel and six-speed automatic, should give this truck the ability to cover distances of around 1,600 miles between fill ups when pulling a large trailer (think tri-axle). That means, you could drive this thing from the East Coast to the West, only having to stop for fuel twice.

As it’s been conceived for long-distance hauling, this rig is not surprisingly loaded to the gunwhales with creature comforts; adjustable rear foot rests, tray tables, built-in refrigerator and Wi-Fi are just some of the features.

Given that the Long Hauler has a Gross Combined Vehicle Weight (GCW) of a staggering 37,500 lbs, it needs a suspension that is up to the task, as a result the front and rear 19.5 inch wheels and tires are connected to a Kelderman air-bag suspension with automatic self-leveling.

Whether Ram division will actually build the Long Hauler remains to be seen, though there is undoubtedly a gap in the market between 1-ton pickups and Class 6 over-the-road trucks like baby Freightliners and Peterbilts, especially for those that need a tow vehicle for rodeos or high-end race cars.

Currently, the Long Hauler is doing the rounds at various events across the US to gauge public opinion. It’s next appearance is scheduled for the Kentucky Derby on May 6-7. So, if the Long Hauler is something that floats your boat and you happen to be in Louisville that weekend, be sure to check it out.

  • darryl

    Make it tough enough for the Alaska Enviroment and Ill buy one!

  • Andrew

    I’d buy one right now if i could afford. looks awesome. I want one.

  • slickrock steve


    I could tow my 4 horse from Calif, to Colo and have a great time. Oh yeah…..diesel is now $4.70 a gallon, so 160 gallons times $4.70=$752.00

  • Josh

    If it had a 5.9l sure id buy it if I had the money but not the 6.7l

  • 5500 4×4 Bullet Owner

    1600 / 162 = 9.8 MPG.. Like Josh says it needs a 5.9.. I have one of them too.

  • ward

    Good looking truck. I hope they give it a steering system that is better than the past 15+ years though.

  • skid

    To all y’all that say it’s only getting 9.8 mpgs and complaining about it you have to realize that is what they are estimating when pulling a tri-axle trailer…pretty good if you ask me

  • Short Haul

    Where’s the DOT compliant sleeper?

  • Jpstanley3

    I agree, better steering system, hopefully it has upgraded brakes, will it be available with a 6 speed? If so, please throw the dual mass flywheel in the garbage and go back to a solid one. What will the starting cost be? Under 60k?

  • DParado

    I’d like to get a good view of this truck, both inside & out. It looks like just what we’d like, as our current Quad Cab just isn’t comfortable enough for long ride’s for the backseat adults.

    Then there’s the subject of price too, as I’m not interested in the extra fuel capacity, especially anything in the truck bed which I have to keep clear for the truck camper.

  • 5500 4×4 Bullet Owner

    The brakes are good, 9.8 pulling a combined 37.5K LOL try 7-8 depending on the terrain and nose of the trailer.. The Asian is nice and smooth, service brakes don’t see much use with the VGT in action.. The 4500/5500 is a good work truck.

    The only drawbacks so far is the lack of HD truck dealers (45/5500 certified).. Standard Dodge truck dealers do not have access to the HD mainframe for flashes ect..

  • bigdaddy

    This would be great for what i do, hauling campers across country delivering them to the dealers! love to have one i have always said that if DODGE ever made a truck that was a mega cab with a long bed to boot i will have one!!!!!!!

  • rj

    With all the goodies mentioned plus the new Longhorn interior this would not only give the F-450 a run for its life but also Ford’s King Ranger interior. Build this truck. RAM must build this truck or they will just be admitting defeat to Ford.