Rare Shelby Mustang Found During Storage Cleaning

Rare Shelby Mustang Found During Storage Cleaning

We’ve all heard about those so-called ‘Duesy in a barn,’ stories, but sometimes they actually do happen. Take the case of Bill Fair, a businessman and auctioneer from Lecompton, Kansas.

Fair had been asked by the Texas attorney general’s office to supervise the cleaning out of some storage units; imagine to his surprise when, amid all the junk found in one of them, he came across a 1966 Shelby G.T.350.

“It was just sitting there, in the middle of all the trash,” he said. It turned out that the car had been parked some 26 years ago and was in remarkable condition considering.

Once he notified the attorney’s office, they arranged to have the car shipped to an auction in San Antonio. According to Fair, they’ve already been receiving offers for the car, but still, plan to sell it under the gavel around $200,000.

[Source: MSNBC]