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 |  Apr 16 2011, 7:19 AM

You pull into a busy parking lot, only to find that some jerk who thinks that his car is extra special has taken up two spots to ensure no one parks next to his baby. Don’t you wish you could let him know how pissed off you are… without keying his car? Now you can, with the “Park Correctly” Vehicle Flyer from Kindofrude.com.

These notices are just like the ones you see hanging on hotel doors – only these ones aren’t as polite and there’s no chocolate waiting on your car seat when you return to your vehicle. It’s ideal for people who hate confrontation. You just take one of these bad boys and hang it on the offender’s car door or under a windshield wiper. You can then take off or watch from a safe distance to see what happens when the target of your parking rage returns to their vehicle.

The flyers cone in packs of 8 for $9, or packs of 16 for $14. They even come with handy parking instructions so the offender doesn’t make the same mistake again.

[Source: KindofRude.com]