Saab Gets Funding to Restart Production

Saab Gets Funding to Restart Production

Ever since Saab Automobiles was cut free from General Motors and taken over by Spyker it’s been struggling to move forward.

Issues concerning financing, dealer networks and ultimately production  have plagued the company. However, with manufacturing having been halted as the company looked to secure new funding, there are signs that the dark skies over Trollhattan might finally be clearing.

According to website Saabs United (sounds more like a soccer team if you ask us), the Swedish government has given Saab the go-ahead to secure more funding from a European bank. In addition, Saab’s manufacturing plant is now run by a company called Saab Automobile AB Properties, in which Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov has a controlling interest.

Needless to say there are certain conditions regarding the funding and the recommencing of vehicle production, namely the price paid for any property to be fair, that the money borrowed will go through a bank with no connection to Antonov and that he himself will have to resolve any outstanding questions regarding his past history and business dealings.

Barring any issues and provided everything remains above board, Spyker hopes that production of Saab cars will be rolling once again by the beginning of May. Here’s to hoping that happens.

[Source: Saabs United]