Scion FR-S Redefines Sex Appeal [2011 NYAS] VIDEO

Scion FR-S Redefines Sex Appeal [2011 NYAS] VIDEO

Easily the most anticipated debut of the 2011 New York Auto Show, Scion has just released its new FR-S Concept, based on the Toyota FT-86.

Powered by a boxer 4-cylinder donated by Subaru, but using a Toyota direct-injection system Scion is promising sufficient power with “surprising” fuel economy.

Described by Scion boss Jack Hollis as the perfect car for weekend warriors, auto-crossers, drifters and track junkies, the FR-S promises an even mixture of balance, manageable power and light weight in this front-engine, rear-drive package. Helping keep in control of the vehicle, the FR-S concept does come equipped with a limited slip differential.

Based on the Toyota FT-86 II Concept, the Scion model does away with some of that cars more extravagant design features to find a perfect medium between it and the original FT-86.

Toyota’s version of the car is expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show this Fall and Scion will deliver a production version of the FR-S to dealers next year!


Scion FR-S 03.JPGScion FR-S 04.JPGScion FR-S 06.JPGScion FR-S 13.JPGScion FR-S 15.JPGScion FR-S 06.JPG

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  • John


    So stoked for this!

  • Rob

    I wish they could make up their minds on the name of this car….. FT-86, FT-S, FR-S, what is it??? I like FR-S.

  • Steve

    Hey, I’ve seen this car on the road! Its called a Nissan 370Z!
    (Well looks very much like the Z, only the Z has more horsepower!)


    This car outshines the 370 no questions asked! Please make it the way it was unveiled!

  • Alex

    Yeah man..i agree i wish they would decide on a dam name!

    But dam does it look amazing and way better than a Z!

  • Ben

    If I can find a way to buy this car I just might,
    I own a kia koup because I thought they were not going to bring this car out in the next year or 2 lol guess the jokes on me

    But its a beauty of a car and can’t wait too see it in person

  • DrunkenMime

    I’m sorry but the Z looks like a turd next to this car…this is a lightweight sports car while the Z is an overweight touring coupe. BIG difference…

  • John

    It’s a concept car. Most concept cars have various names, they don’t finalize the name on the first day.

  • newschooled


  • TRD

    Man 370z looks nothing like this car(370 is all wrong)

    This car is more like a baby Aston Martin.(Beautiful)

  • TRD

    Toyota seem to be playing with us every time they show us more it just gets better.(can’t have your candy till after dinner)
    Just hope the end result does not do a U turn in design & 25K becomes $40K.
    If they do it right this car could bring coupes back in to COOL for average people.(Supply & demand would be the problem)

  • Uncle B

    One day soon, when turning over these ‘sex appeal’ four to six year design center roadsters is no longer profitable, car companies will turn in earnest and produce, possibly from China, a practical road-boxes with diesel/hybrid drive trains, Ultra-light, rust proof bodies, and life-spans greatly improved. Expect graphine, carbon fiber, and light alloy/plastics construction, two seater diesel/Hybrid high efficiency commuter cars, even three wheeled hi-mileage wonders,as the price of gasoline goes up.
    One day, in the farther future, when most gasoline/oil will be shipped to Asia, sold for Yuan, not U.S. dollars, Americans will rely on rechargeable battery cars, fueled by the wind, solar installations, Hydro dams, even wave generated electricity. America will put to good use all domestic sources of electrical energy, including tidal forces, even geothermal sources will be tapped. Oil will be reserved for the military only, and Thorium fueled nuclear reactors will source electrical energy for bullet train networks across America. Cars will be used mostly for short hops. They will be very different from today’s cars, the gasoline engines will fade into the past, as will the long distance highway cruisers, and the utility aspects of cars will gain accent over entertainment aspects.

  • Andrea

    OR we will have nuclear powered cars and teleporters for long distance travel. Maybe cars that run on a microwave grid even…until then:

    This is a great looking car. The 370 looks bloated in comparision. The original 240Z was beautiful, it grew up and like everything in America it got fatter and heavier….

    How about calling it the Scion TSS Base model (Toyota/Subaru/Sport)and the other 2 versions the Scion WRX and Scion STI

  • N

    They stole the hood and headlamps from the Maserati Gran Turismo. Pininfarina called and they want them back. This car could be a cheap Gran Turismo knock off and it might sell because of it but they still need to fix the nose below the bumper and iron out the stupid crease masquerading as a pseudo air dam at the front. Similarly, the rear side window, rear pillar, and the general back end of the car need to be heavily massaged before this thing should be allowed to escape into the wild. Now that I look at the front a second time, even the large grille opening is more or less a copy of the Gran Turismo front. Not an original idea in the book. They took a very beautiful and original design and Toyotafied it. Thumbs down.

  • Adam

    The car looks like an Mazda RX8. You people are crazy.

  • Quinn McNamara

    Adam: You are CRAZY! The RX8 looks like a hunk of rotary trash next to this piece of art.

  • Stumblin

    Well, this certainly doesn’t suck as much at the other Scions however, the design is still pretty uninspired. It looks like an RX8 with random angles thrown onto the body like the Hyundai’s. I wish Scion would just stop being made,they’re an embarrassment to automobiles.