Subaru Legacy Pulls Stuck Chevrolet Silverado Out Of The Mud [Video]

Subaru Legacy Pulls Stuck Chevrolet Silverado Out Of The Mud [Video]

We’ve all needed a tow one time or another, and for those who like off-roading, it seems to be inevitable. One unlucky Chevrolet Silverado owner found himself stuck in some not-too-deep mud, and the vehicle that was up for the job was none other than a Subaru Legacy GT, a family sedan with a pretty peppy turbocharged engine.

Conventional wisdom says that this situation should be reversed. But as the video shows, the little Subaru had no trouble hauling the big pickup out of the mud. Hit the jump to see the video below.

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  • max

    pretty sure that the suby would of been in the same situation on the grass

  • Michael E.

    Doesn’t surprise me at all, really. I bought a towing strap in 2007, and since then I’ve used a Subaru to free over a dozen stuck cars in much more challenging winter situations – through snowed-in parking lots, out of road-side snowbanks or even up a half-mile long snow-covered hill. These have often been comparably larger cars, such as a Crown Vic or Grand Caravan. It’s phenomenal what a Subaru is capable of in slippery conditions, and it doesn’t require a turbocharged engine.

  • Michael

    Awesome! Rock on!

  • Harley

    lol ya with this being my Subaru, i was just coming to the rescue of a friend in need of some help. I’ve almost had my Subaru stuck in my brothers yard in light snow/muddy conditions but a little feather throttle an rocking the car back an forth i came out nice an easy. buttt it this car the tires were just to caked in mud.