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 |  Apr 08 2011, 12:15 AM

Yee-haw: the Texas House of Representatives has approved a new transportation bill, and part of it allows the Texas Department of Transportation to raise speed limits to an eye-watering 85 mph.

The Fastest State in America (hey, it’s been a couple decades since Wyoming- and Montana-ans enjoyed their “reasonable but prudent” signage) already has over 500 miles of 80-mph speed limits, mostly in flat West Texas—which is probably where all the best barbecue is. But before the DOT can slap on some new signage, they will need to conduct engineering and traffic studies to determine if the roads—and its pickup-driving denizens—are capable of handling the increased speeds.

But soon, people won’t feel bad doing 100 miles per hour across the dusty Texan plains, preferably in a ’55 Chevy. Or, you know, even faster.

[Source: Houston Chronicle]

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