The Stig’s Top 5 Worst Cars List; a Clarkson Favorite Included

The Stig’s Top 5 Worst Cars List; a Clarkson Favorite Included

We don’t know if he read Forbes’ list of worst cars for 2011. All we do know is that he’s made his own list, and that he is called the Stig.

That’s right, Top Gear’s ‘the Stig’ has released his list of the worst five cars he’s ever driven, with some shocking surprises and some rather obvious ones. The Stig in question here is the second Stig or the White Stig, Ben Collins, who joined the show in 2003 after the Black Stig was killed off and who left the show last year.

The list includes a total of five cars, two American, two Italian and even one from the UK. Hit the jump for a brief summary.


The Stig’s Top 5 Worst Cars

5. Alfa Romeo 8C – Yes.. the 8C. The car that shares the same chassis with the Maserati Grand Turismo and Ferrari California, Collins describes as one of the most beautiful ever, but also the worst supercar he’s ever driven.

4. Fiat Multipla – There’s almost no explanation needed here. Even if it drove like a Lotus Elise, the Multipla might just be the most hideous car ever designed.

3. Cadillac Escalade – The first U.S. vehicle to make the list (but not the last), Collins describes it as a joke of an off-roader and retells an anecdote about shoddy build quality.

2. Dodge Charger – A disappointing remake, Collins says it,  “underwhelmed with its heavy weight, modest power and woeful automatic gearbox.”

1. TVR Sagaris – Called “ghastly, unreliable and held together by craft glue,” Collins says the Sagaris was the worst of the bunch with all other problems being overshadowed by the fact that it was essentially undriveable, even by a pro. Lauded by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, Collins indicates this might just be the best reason that it’s the worst.

  • Quinn McNamara

    About time someone told Clarkson his choice in cars sucks.