Think City Electric Car To Sell For $36,495

Think City Electric Car To Sell For $36,495

The Think City electric car is to go on sale for $36,495 by the end of the summer this year.

This is about $2,500 more than it estimated last year for the two-seater, and $3,715 more than the larger Nissan LEAF. The price does not include a $7,500 federal tax credit, or potential state and local incentives where applicable.

Presently, there’s a hodge-podge of benefits on the state level from none to some, with Colorado leading the way by offering the most incentive dollars.

Nissan has been accused of selling its LEAF as a loss leader, and if the Think City is any indicator, it is starting to look truer. For Think’s only imported model, its U.S. market demand is already looking weak, and was blamed for recent layoffs at its supplier, Ener1, an Indianapolis-based semiconductor firm.

[Source: GreenCarAdvisor]