Tim Allen’s Ford Mustang For Sale on eBay

Tim Allen’s Ford Mustang For Sale on eBay

Up on eBay for sale right now is actor/comedian Tim Allen’s Ford Mustang. Naturally this isn’t any standard Ford Mustang but a limited edition Bullitt from 2008. Bullitt-rendition Mustangs have been made available for several generations now, with this 2008 featuring 15-hp more than the factory GT model.

In addition, Allen himself went over to Galpin Auto Sports to get some other modifications done to his Bullitt. A set of 17×8-inch Torq Thrust wheels can be seen, wrapped with 255/50/17 Kumho rubber. The suspension has been upgraded so the Bullitt sits nice and low with better handling capabilities. Further performance has been achieved thanks to a Ford Racing camshaft, upgraded throttle body, ceramic coated headers and an X3 power tuner.

The Bullitt sports only 5,900 miles on the odometer and those interested in buying it can also opt to have Allen autograph the dash. You also get the oh-so-awesome photo of Allen with the Bullitt.

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