Toyota Prius In Short Supply In California

Toyota Prius In Short Supply In California

The Toyota Prius, beloved of eco-conscious of buyers in California, is in short supply in the Sunshine State, as high gas prices and production disruptions due to Japan’s natural disasters have caused dealers to either run low on supply or be completely out of stock.

Dealers, who report as little as a 14-day supply of the car (compared to an industry average of 90 days) are worrying as analysts predict that shipments of the car from its factory in Japan could lag by as much as 2,000 units through April. While Toyota has offered aggressive lease deals and incentives for the Prius, the average transaction price has gone up substantially, as dealers report a rapid sales increase in conjunction with rising gas prices. Toyota will not be continuing their incentives when they expire on April 4th.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]


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