UAW May Negotiate With Detroit Automakers Simultaneously

UAW May Negotiate With Detroit Automakers Simultaneously

UAW President Bob King said that the union may abandon their tactic of targeting one automaker during contract negotiations and negotiate with Chrysler, Ford and General Motors at the same time.

The UAW previously targeted one automaker during negotiations and used that to set an example for the others. However, King says that the relationship between the Big 3 and the UAW is better than previous years. King would like a deal to be completed before the union’s contract expires on September 14th.

King is hoping to extract concessions from the Big 3 after workers gave up thousands of dollars worth of compensation during the automakers lean periods.  The resurgence of the Big 3 has spurred some union members to demand King take a more aggressive tone with the automakers.  King previously criticized Ford for offering CEO Alan Mulally a $26.5 million compensation package, calling it “morally wrong”.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

  • Chad

    Why screw over one company at a time, when you can strong-arm unfair terms toward all three at the same time? They can shut-down the entire American car making industry at one time as they demand ever-higher wages that don’t reflect reality and continue to push American companies into oblivion…or Mexico. Which ever comes first.

  • DeWayne Smith

    The UAW workforce has excepted wage cuts of over 50%, starting pay at 14.00 per hour. Given away their retirement benefits. Taken over the health care plan of the retired UAW workers. Changed shop rules,combined the skilled trades work force, just to give you a few examples. All of this in our last national agreement. If this does not reflect reality then I am not sure what does? Maybe the 56 million mentioned just above your post does to you? Remember the overseas, money making plants were built by profiting US automakers with a highly paid and skilled UAW workforce.

  • DeWayne Smith

    By the way the people of Mexico have become to expensive for the big three as well as they are pulling out of Mexico in favor of more repressed communist countries to maximize their profits. GM beingas much as 6 billion in one quarter alone?


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