Volkswagen Beetle R to Get More Power, Remain Front-Wheel Drive

Volkswagen Beetle R to Get More Power, Remain Front-Wheel Drive

Now that Volkswagen has unveiled the upcoming 2012 Beetle to the general public, it’s exciting to hear that the German automaker will also be bringing a Beetle R version, as well as a Beetle convertible to America. The convertible version will be available next year while Volkswagen hasn’t confirmed when the Beetle R will arrive.

The safe assumption for the Beetle R’s powerplant will be the 2.0L turbocharged unit from the Golf R, though it’s not confirmed. VW did express that the Beetle R will remain a front-wheel-drive application, but it’s nice to know those who yearn for a Beetle with slightly more power output than the 200-hp 2.0 TSI will have a viable option in the future.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

  • Lonny

    Sure, why not. Passenger seat fits an adult. And chances are that is where the kid is going, ain’t it. Whether it be a new eebtle or old. And they NEVER caught fire because of the engine. That is a tale of lunatics. Take a look. The battery is under the back seat. Chances are it is the wrong battery(too high with uncovered battery posts) and when positive and negative posts touch the seat springs you get a shorting happening(it glows red hot and the seat catches on fire(it is an electrical fire due to putting in a cheap chevy battery in there. I know, I did it in a VW rabbit. Wrong battery and bumpy road and it shorted out on the hood. They are extremely well built cars using strip welding rather than spot welding methods. They do not fall apart. And the new ones have multiple air bag protection