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 |  Apr 27 2011, 10:40 AM

With Volkswagen now having launched the new Jetta and Passat on our shores, the automaker has pretty much run out of cars to Americanize and so it will soon look to deliver some all-new models designed to appeal to our less sophisticated tastes and larger beltlines.

One of the first will be a three row crossover or SUV, priced well below the Touareg. Instead of competing in the near the luxury SUV segment, the new model would be a rival to cars like the new Ford Explorer and Dodge Durango. VW’s new Passat platform could likely serve as the basis for the new machine.

Next up would be a sub-compact or B-Segment car, along the lines of the VW Polo. Sadly (very sadly) we won’t see anything like the current Polo offered in Europe (like the Polo GTI pictured above), and instead we’ll most likely get a watered-down version that’s almost certain to be a sedan.

[Source: Car & Driver]