Volkswagen Rumored to Acquire Isuzu

Volkswagen Rumored to Acquire Isuzu

With Volkswagen‘s recent tie-up with Suzuki not going so well, a new report suggests the German auto giant may look to partner or acquire another Japanese company in its bid to become the world’s largest automaker.

Rather than put a focus on small passenger cars, however, this tie-up would explore furthering VW’s commercial truck empire. An article in Manager Magazin cites a possibility that VW’s MAN truck division (30 percent owner by VW) could look to acquire a part or all of Isuzu.

MAN has refused comment on the matter, while Volkswagen has dismissed it entirely.

Currently, VW sits as a distant 3rd in the race to be the world’s largest automaker with GM in second place and Toyota in first.

[Source: Reuters]