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 |  Apr 14 2011, 3:27 PM

Two intrepid travelers set out to make the run from Marlow, U.K. to Mayrhofen, Austria on just one tank of fuel, using a Volvo V50 wagon.

This particular V50 example is a European market model, which features a 1.6-liter, diesel engine. Their task was to use hypermiling techniques to cover the distance between Volvo cars U.K. headquarters to the Volvo Ice Camp in the Tirolean mountains in Austria.

While the V50 featured the new DRIVe series gadgets, which helps improve fuel consumption by having a diesel particulate filter and start/stop technology to cut down emission when idling, the travelers still had a big task on their hands, having to deal with real life obstacles such as traffic jams, and driving up a mountain, which can cause extra strain on the engine.

In the end, the pair failed to cover the full 850-miles, instead did just 753-miles. They made it to base camp by first adding 5-liters of diesel from a jerry can, and then later going to a gas station.

[Source: Tree Hugger]