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 |  Apr 29 2011, 7:51 PM


We’ve come a long way (thankfully) from the first Fast and the Furious movie, and amazingly we’re somehow on a fifth flick that just hit the big screen. Looking to take advantage of their prominent product placement throughout the movie, Dodge will be releasing five limited edition Dodge Chargers, dubbed Fast Five Editions. Each car will be sporting a matte black exterior and will be powered by the stock 370-hp 5.7L V8 powerplant.

In addition to the matte black exterior, you’ll get yourself a set of black 20-inch wheels and black leather interior with Fast Five branding on the seats. And to make sure it’s living large, the instrument panel sports the “largest aluminum bezel in the industry,” according to Dodge interior designer Dan Zimmerman.

Hurry though, entries to win the car ends tomorrow! Click here to enter and hit the jump to see videos of the cars.



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  • Billy Cochran

    I have a 17 year old son that a have not been there for in the last couple years. We talk on the phone a lot and i get to see him every once in a while. He was living with his mom till she got cancer and they lost there house so for the last years he has stayed with friends here and there. He is a great kid though. He is always going to the texas children home and teaching the little kiddos how to ride bikes and teach them about cars. I know deep down inside he is sad, especially since know one can afford to get him a car. Everytime i see him we get to talking about Fast and furious and man does it put a smile on his face and he just goes on and on about it, then he gets to talking about his friends cars he helped them build and he just seems so happy. He finally scraped up enough money to buy him a nice jetta but not even two weeks of having it, it got stolen. So i would be so happy if i could when this car for my son. He just watched the Fast Five last night and cant wuit rumbling on about Those badass Chargers!

  • Jody Schriener

    I would love to win one of those chargers for my son he has a pickup but it is hard to afford the fuel in it. He loves dodge and after he went to go to the movie the first time it was showed in theaters around here he went crazy about these cars and that movie. You would make a kids life if he could win one of these.

  • Asad jawad

    i am asad from pakistan and i would love to have the houner of having this car in my gerage , as i am one of the biggest fans of fast and the ferious … as if now am driving a 1000 cc toyata somewhere 108 hp … its kind of a humiliation …. i promise u , if i get this car i would truely keep it as it is the last doge in the world …. the engine of this car makes a sound which makes me feel that the world was made fr this car to come … and when u turn it in matte , it a revilation .