2012 Chevy Camaro 45th Anniversary Edition Debuts at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2012 Chevy Camaro 45th Anniversary Edition Debuts at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

On display for the first time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the eve of the Indy 500, Chevrolet has unveiled the 45th Anniversary Edition Camaro. The very first 2012 model to roll off the line, the 45th Anniversary Edition package consists of a hood decal, “45th” front fender emblems, a rear stripe and unique 20-inch wheels. The car on display also sported a new Carbon Flash Metallic paint color.

The bigger changes come on the inside, however, with the 45th anniversary model getting white door inserts, a steering wheel medallion at the bottom of the steering wheel and some stunning red, white and blue stitching on the steering wheel, seats and shift knob.

In addition, all 2012 models will get some major interior changes, many of which have been called for by owners and critics since the car first debuted. Of note is a new steering wheel borrowed from some of Chevy’s other models with significantly smaller dimensions. Another major change is a new dash insert, eliminating much of the plastic on the dash.

Under the hood a new base LSX V6 engine gets a slight bump in power to 323-hp, while the SS Coupe can be had with an FE4 suspension package with a 23-mm front sway bar and 24-mm wide rear sway bar.

The 45th anniversary edition package will be available in limited numbers, although Chevy has yet to say how many.

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  • wayne/barbara Bair

    I purchased a 2012 chevy camaro SS ,45th anniversary edition and was wondering did the hood decal come with mine? because it didnt have one when i purchased it. Nor did it have any 45th anniversary edition front floor mats. what extras should mine have had when i purchased it? i’m starting to wonder if i was possibly missing some items.Thank You for your time. my email is iluvmusicsodance1962@hotmail.com i appreciate any info you may possibly have to help me. Also i’m having a probelm with my rear passenger side tire loosing air daily, i need to place the car in storage for winter , but this is causing me probelms with the dealer i purchased it from.seems they don’t wanna offer me a new tire and or rim to solve this probelm.