2012 Dodge Viper To Get Ferrari Engine [Rumor]

2012 Dodge Viper To Get Ferrari Engine [Rumor]

A rumor from AutoBild magazine suggests that the 2012 Dodge Viper may get a Ferrari-derived V8 engine rather than the traditional V10.

With the tie-up between Chrysler and Fiat, parent company of Maserati and Alfa Romeo, the Chrysler has access to the 4.7L V8 used in Maserati products and the Alfa Romeo 8C supercar, which is also shared with the Ferrari California. The Viper’s V10 has its roots in a truck engine, and despite its massive power, its roots are still evident to anyone who drives a Viper.

Chrysler needs to make a decision soon, and we suspect they’ll stick to the script with a V10, rather than opt for a pricier, not to mention un-American drivetrain. The Viper traditionally competes with other exotics like the Maserati GranTurismo and Ferrari California, and its cut-rate price tag compared to the Italians might make a V8 powered Viper a little too competitive.

[Source: AutoBild]

  • MacViperGTS

    once again.. the wannabee hack auto ‘journalists’ print ignorant unfounded guess instead of REAEARCHING and finding FACTS.
    Just ask Ralph Gilles Dodge Pres – or even just read what he has SAID
    in print.. or TOLD the VIPER owners and dealers.
    The 2012 Viper will CONTINUE to be an enhanced Viper V10 ! period.
    ANOTHER reason to ignore auto rags.

  • Chris

    Give me the torquey V10 vs. a high revving V8. The current viper is still setting records.